Guest Book Goes Gross

Oh yes! Everything got washed. Twice. Lol.

I am just at the end of guest book 12 after 32 years. They are full of my friends (also known as guests) The first book is sad as so many have died over the years but this year I am visiting guests in the USA who first came to stay in 1989.
My books are full of drawings and photos and nice comments. Now the big question! Should I label the next one 12a or 13??


Haha! I caught that there. Maybe you can do it Vegas style and just skip right to 14. :slight_smile:

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That’s a lovely story @courgette3. :heart_eyes:

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I think it depends on the type of Air you’re running. I don’t meet most of my guests, they don’t stay long & they leave enough comments in my review that I don’t feel the need for a guest book. It seems redundant to me but maybe if I was running more of a bed & breakfast type STR I would try one.

You’ve come to the right place! :joy:

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I started a guestbook because I was hoping to capture mailing addresses. I had seen an idea for a promotion to encourage repeat guests that required mailing a postcard to them. Unless I’m missing it, there’s not a way to find out a mailing address through Airbnb and the other platforms. The sign for my guestbook says “If you’d like very occasional mailings about specials, please be sure to include your mailing address.” Very few provide their address, though, probably because they don’t want to make them public for other guests’ eyes. And not all guests sign the book. Happily though, I haven’t had any negative reviews in the book.

I have never asked. But I have some addresses since a large number of guests send me holiday cards with their return address clearly noted. Now that I think of it, four guests have given me their addresses with the offer that I come stay with them.


My favorite kind of guest!

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Lately I’m inclined to agree with this sentiment. The guests that write in our book rarely review on ABB. Even people that we think would definitely review will write a glowing message in the book but bupkiss on the ABB site. :unamused:

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I got a new guest book and after reading some guests’ long glowing review on airbnb, I started to doubt the idea. I myself would feel too redundant to write review twice. I think I am just going to keep it and paste lovely notes and post cards from guests. I would still keep it in the room but will not urge guests to write on it.

Nobody ever wrote in my guest book and it’s such a small space it was taking up valuable real estate. I removed it, now I had a useless guest book – told the kids they could use it for my memorial service.

A guest surprised me with a guest book as a gift! All of those who have written in it have also left reviews on the listing site. I was surprised that even the group of college-aged, championship-frisbee-tournament playing young men left a funny, nice note. You just never know.


I decided to keep the guest book to myself. I printed the reviews and pasted onto the guestbook, together with their lovely notes and postcards etc. I just don’t want to take chance of losing raving reviews on the site.

Almost everyone has written in our guestbook. It is a really great preprinted one that prompts them through about 3 questions one of which is to recommend favorite places nearby. One establishment gets the majority of shout outs. But we have learned of a place or two we didn’t know of.

It’s cool, a guest-written local guide of sorts.

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Oh! That’s a good idea!