Guest behaved strange

I started hosting for last three months. So far I have good experiences with guest except one. This guest came in with a 3 nights booking and extended for 3 days…and continued for 2 weeks. He told me that I can earn a lot of money if I let him stay for 3 months as he is a traveling engineer (!) of a telecom company. I have two more rooms usually occupied by new guests. He would not greet them or me. I found him very moody. Strange that he would do the dishes in the bathroom and eat his meal in the bedroom where my house rules clearly says no meal in the room. Guest can use my kitchen and dining area. in these two weeks he picked up my trash from the kitchen and left the trash bag outside my front door! Strange behavior. Then I decided not to continue with him and regretted to book anymore. In return he gave me a very bad review!

Ok… and?

What did the review say?
Did you leave him a review as well?
Did you mention his behavior in your review?

We had couple of chain arguements on the review and finally I reuqested bnb to remove the review as it was directly attacking my race and ethnicity.

Never get into a “pissing match” with reviews – Don’t respond – just give a factual, unemotional review – “Guest violated house rules about cooking and eating in his room; cannot recommend.” Neutral and negative…


Hello @samh

I am sorry you have this experience.

As we say often on these forums, a key part of being a host is the ability to be able to reinforce our house rules politely and professionally and nip any unacceptable behaviour in the bud.

When you knew your guest was breaking your house rules did you talk to them about this and your expectations, before agreeing to extend their stay? The guests behaviour had all sorts of red flags and not the sort of guest you want to continue to have stay with you.

I am sorry that you experienced racist remarks from this guest and hope that Airbnb has removed the reviews and cancelled this guests profile.

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Damn! Did they removed yours as well on only his?