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Guest asks to speak on the phone before booking, then ask to vawe cleaning fee explaining

Hi everyone!
First the guest was asking me (twice) to give my phone number prior to booking to talk live. I denied pointing out to AirBnb policy. Then she explained that she wants to book one night (Friday), and pay for herself. But on Saturday her male friend is coming and they gonna stay together for another night. He will be paying for the second night, so she is asking me to vawe one cleaning fee ($100) since it’s going to be one stay.
Hovewer for AirBnb it is 2 stays and 2 ceparate payments.
I don’t have any garantee her friend will book a second night, so far I only heard from her. Plus, she doesnt have any verified ID, or Facebook account, and no reviews. Not sure I should belive what she is saying.
Any reccomendations how to deal with it?
Thank you all :heart:

This sounds like a major red flag guest and I would not let her book.

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Thank’s Carmen. First time it’s happening to me and on one side I understand the guest but on the other side sounds like scam. How would you respond to this without being rude?

Don’t worry about being rude, only worry about taking care of your business. Simply reply to say that she can either book one night and her friend books the next night, and both incur a cleaning fee, or she can book two nights and have her friend pay her back for the second night. She has two solid options. Don’t offer her any third option.


Thank you Superhostnyc! Will do that!

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