Guest asks that we leave our home while she's here!

Has anyone who rents out private rooms in their home had this request? She requested a room for herself and her boyfriend for one night. Then she said she prefers that the house be empty while they’re here, and she asked if our home was like that. I said it was not. I looked her up, and found she’s a high schooler (she could be 18 and legal to rent from Airbnb) from my area. When I declined the request, the system asks why, and I stated she wanted an empty house, and if she had read the listing, she would know that was not the case with our home. She replied to that, saying it was rude, and claiming that it’s fine to ask hosts to leave for the night, and it happens all the time that they do so. I have never heard of such a thing. Is this a thing that anyone ever does?


Guest sounds like an entitled brat that needs an attitude adjustment and free condoms!


No, I’ve never heard of a guest asking the host to leave if the listing is not a whole house. If a guest asked me to leave I would decline their booking request or cancel if they’d Instant Booked.


Why, yes, Airbnb caters to this very special type of guest with a special option just for them–I believe they call it…“Entire Home”. :smiling_imp:


Never rent to locals, for any reason


yes thats my thoughts exactly! something dodgy when a local wants to stay at your house especially in a small town!


No, this is not something that “happens all the time”. As if. I’d report this user.


Me too and I’m pretty sure that Airbnb would pay attention. This girl is probably now going around saying that Airbnb is hopeless and that hosts are ‘rude’. It’s typical of the pointless little issues that all band together to give Airbnb and its hosts a bad name.


Good rule of thumb. We have, though, in cases where it was a person just going through a divorce or a trial separation.

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I will report her to Airbnb. Good thinking, thanks!


Hotels do it all the time, they send the staff home if you ask.


I notified Airbnb through a Twitter message. I was told she’s a legal and verified member, and they can’t do anything about her actions. I was reminded that I can turn down a request any time I want to, and of course, I had already done so. I still think it’s nasty to ask a host to leave their home to accommodate you.


So she thought your family is going to pack up your stuff, pets, etc. and go rent a hotel for the night, while you allow her and boyfriend run of your house?

She is lying saying that hosts do this all the time. It’s possible some hosts have agreed to let her have an hour or so by themselves. But no way in hell do hosts vacate their place the entire time she is staying. And if she “does this all the time” then I think she is prostituting for money. Most high schoolers can figure out how to get busy in the car and park somewhere. Or go to a friend’s house where the parents don’t care what’s going on, or are never home. It would be quite expensive to rent an Airbnb every time you had sex with your boyfriend!


I think it’s just clueless and I’d suspect a party more than anything else.

As for the advice to never rent to locals I’ve had no problems with the occasional local. I even had a girl rent who said she and boyfriend just wanted to get away for a night. After reading this forum I feared the worst. She arrived around 4 pm with a female friend. They ate dinner, did facials and makeup and then the friend left. The male arrived around 10 pm. They went out awhile, probably to eat and came back. I don’t think they even had sex; if they did they were exceptionally clean about it. I think they stayed up late drinking and watching netflix. The room was left in excellent condition and she left a great review. She’s welcome back.

Disclaimer: I have a private room attached to my house. For some reason my set up just doesn’t attract the flakes that some listings do. Your results may vary.


I got this request once , just in an other iteration . A so called Local Married women
that is looking for an Afternoon stay of only 4 hours ( red lights flashing already )
She stated the she and her husband live together with roommates and don’t have any privacy . Could be possible in my city where if you are young , you have multiple roommates living in a 1 bedroom flat that has every room divided into sleeping spaces.
She wanted an completely empty house , which I don’t offer . I should say she demanded an empty house . No , No ,No
I don’t offer a complete house rental , just a private room . She was a New User so more red flags .
She also wanted a Discount ! as they would only be using the Bed !! LOL
and the Shower and the Towels and the …
I declined , and the reason was my listing was not a good match for the guests needs . Which was all true .
Anyway , she keep messaging me that it was really important to her and her Husband is in the Military and they never have private time Etc,Etc .
So I listed all the reasons it was not a match for her as she was new to Airbnb .
She became more persistant .
and when I pointed out that I also do not offer Discounts for hourly stays and that I do not care what other hosts in the past have done for her ( Super Giant Red Flashing Neon Signs ) How did she have any other Airbnb experience as she just joined that day !!!
She must be one desperate girl .
I referred her to all of the Cheap Hotels in the city , but it just wouldn’t do and be romantic enough for her !! yeah
Her and her 20 foot U-Haul Box Truck emptying my home and all its contents !!

Sorry , but your Biological needs and greedy sticky fingers are not coming near my Home .

With that said , there has been a legitimate short stay where you can rent a Hotel room for a minimum of 2-4 hours , based on the room rate that has been prorated .
Its advertised in Major cities and gets legitimate use . Business travelers that need a place to rest up and refresh before a large meeting Etc .

PS , I would ask Airbnb to remove that young girl from Airbnb .
Even if she is of legal age , you do not get to harass a Host for telling you that her needs are not a good match for your listing ! And no it doesn’t happen all the time , just maybe in this looney girls head !


I did report her, and Airbnb said she was fine. She didn’t keep harassing me. I just found it very odd.

I had one who wanted to make Sure she had the whole house INCLUDING the basement. When I google and Facebooked her she sure did not look like a girl you would bring home to Mama. I declined, confident I had dodged a bullet. I find these internet searches essential. Another one, a guy, just wanted to vist our town and catch up with a few friends. Search indicates he is the top DJ and event organizer in Toronto. So…No!

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It might be the case where a host offers both shared space and a whole listing?

Hi @Martha

How do you search for people on Google and FB when you only have a first name?

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She did harass you , telling you, you are rude for her mistake and telling you that everyone else is doing it is BS . I can’t see how airbnb would side with a guests acting like this . But anyway , you have better things to do then worry about the sexual urges of High School Kids
Good Luck