Guest asking for storage unit

I had received a booking for 25 days in November by a research couple. They are apparently here for something related to their research. I had accepted their booking and completed the formalities. Two days back they called upon me and asked if I have any provision to store some of their research equipment. I answered in negative and so they asked if I can arrange something as they don’t know the place well. I told them I would check and let them know in 5 days. I have a self storage unit and it’s half empty now. It can hols their equipment. But I am a little apprehensive about sharing my storage unit. What do you recommend? Should I share my storage unit or check for another one?

How long will they need to store things?.

25 days it’s a good booking…


Sounds like a situation where you can make a little extra $'s for doing very little/nothing. Unless of course they want constant access to the stuff and you are concerned they will touch your stuff if you give them the key or else you will be inconvenienced by having to let them in. If that’s the case you’ll have to weigh the hassle/risk up with what you’ll be getting paid.

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I wouldn’t share my personal storage unit with strangers. Rather, give them the name and contact info of a nearby storage facility and let them (not you) arrange for the rental in their own name.

You don’t want the responsibility or liability of being connected with whatever is being stored, and worse case scenario is that it might be illegal or dangerous items.


SandyToes is right on the money. Don’t let this clearly disorganized ‘research’ company treat you like a PA or the hotel concierge.

Hell no…I wouldn’t let strangers share my storage unit. They don’t need to know you have one.

Not sure where you are located, but sometimes when a guest tries to establish “tenancy” rights versus being a “hotel guest” - the amount of personal belongings they have moved in (may be looked at). There’s no telling what could be in someone’s boxes.


Just say NO. Give them the contact info for your storage company and another one, and let them make their own arrangements. YOU DO NOT want to have your name on any contract for them…

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What amount of storage space are they looking for - is it a small amount of space that could say go in a shed? If so, you might want to look at accommodating.

If substantial do as others say and give them details of local storage facilities which will be suitably insured and they can access 24/7.

Strange if they knew they were coming to do research they didn’t mention this on booking. Would make me a little concerned about whether they could be needy guests.