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Guest asked to bring an extra person, doesn't respond after my reply


I will be hosting a group of friends in two months. The one who made a reservation sent me a message few days ago, asking whether it would be possible to add an extra bed and if I think it would be too crowded for them (they also bring a dog). So, she didn’t even ask directly whether they can bring an extra person, but whether they can all fit, which frankly, does not interest me much. :smiley:

I thanked her for informing me about it and replied to her that, as stated in our house rules and the description, the maximum number of people we can host is 3, so it would not be possible to host an extra person in any case. I also added that I really think it would be too crowded anyway as the apartment is only about 40 sqm large. I also asked her whether it would be possible for the extra person to find accommodation nearby, in order to solicit some sort of response.

She hasn’t replied since, and I’m starting to worry that they will either try to weasel out of the reservation, or sneak in the extra person. Or this extra person will officially stay somewhere else, but hang out at our place all the time. What should I do? Try to communicate further? Cancel? Am I exaggerating and they accepted my answer, but didn’t find it necessary to reply?


I would be aggravated but you do have some time. I would try again to get a reply. Maybe try the airbnb email and or texting their phone number. Repeat the same message on the platform.

“guest, I haven’t received a reply to my previous message regarding xx. I am emailing and texting this information to make sure you get it. Please confirm that only 3 guests and a dog will be staying. Also I’d like to remind you that unregistered guests aren’t allowed at the property.”

Make sure you have it in the message thread they are only bringing 3 so maybe if they violate it you can get them removed and still get paid.


I will do that. I also don’t want to make too big deal out of it, so I will wait a bit before I send it. Thank you!


Then too, the longer you wait for clarification, the less time you will have to re-rent those nights if your guest decides to cancel.


Unless the extra person is sleeping there you can’t do much to stop them hanging out together assuming they have booked the whole place. If they are sharing with you then you’d be within your rights to say only the booked guests can hang out there during the day.


Well, as the “whole place” that I’m renting is part of the house where I live, I can see whether there are additional people hanging around.:wink: My house rules state that the people who are not registered at my place are not allowed to be in the apartment. Sometimes I allow for the visitors if the guests wish to invite over friends staying in the area for a one time bbq or drinks. However, I had situations where these friends tried to hang out at our place the whole time, as our patio and barbecue are really nice and big. I always put a stop to it, but those are never pleasant situations, especially when people try to lie, negotiate or simply claim that it is within their rights to invite people over. These situations exhaust me and I’m trying to anticipate them.

In any case, I believe that hosts are well within their rights not to allow for unannounced visitors whether they share their unit or not, as long as this is stated in their house rules. I read many times on this forum that even people who are hosting off site have cameras for this purpose.

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