Guest ask 2am check in

Indian looking guests.
My guests booked my place and introduced herself married with two kids. Coming to see her friends and friends 3 kids. I approved it and she booked it. Then few days later she request for 2am check in because she will be tired after driving long hours. I also asked her how many people in total because she booked 6 people but in case she bought her entire family here better check again. Then she said 9 people in total. I told her I can’t do 2am chevk in and please aware you booked 6 people but actually 9 people stay. She didn`t response. I called airbnb to assist me cancelled this very demanding guests.

Right think to do.
They will normally cancel the booking and you should keep the money (depending when they are coming)

You mean a LATE check in of 2am or an EARLY check in? Either one would be ludicrous.

In all case it’s more guests coming than the limit of the place

They booked check in 23 Dec. And want to check in 2am on 23rd

Almost a whole day earlier? Laughable!!!


I agree with your decision to cancel, because if they can’t even adhere to what they’ve already discussed, then they’ll just be even more trouble when they arrive, and you’ll be super stressed out.

And get into bed with your current guests? :wink:


Maybe they will get married

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