Guest accidentally submitted unfinished review

Hi Guys can you help me with this one.
I had a couple of fab guests on the weekend.
On leaving they were going to give me a great review.
However in the review section I can see ,… and thats it.
The guy accidentally pressed the submit box.
He is more than happy to do another review and hopefully get it right.
Is there a way to resolve this?
I’ve tried the help page, submitting a help request.
i but I’m not confident this going to work.

Also is there a contact number of the UK support desk.
Thanks for your help Andrew.

I doubt it can be edited now. I hope he at least got the stars in before hitting submit. Was the text just cut off like it was unfinished? I know you have to put something in all the categories before it will allow you to submit.

I would not worry about it. NEXT!


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That happened with one of my guests, too. He was a lively, friendly guy, but quite scattered, and kept saying how he was going to give me a fantastic review. He wrote more than “…”, but he somehow hit submit after only a sentence and a half and the review cuts off in the middle of a sentence, so doesn’t make any sense. He didn’t even realize it at the time, until I told him to look at how his review appeared (he was staying not far from me after he checked out of my place and would drop by for coffee occasionally).

Oh, well.

I don’t think Airbnb will let anyone change a review- don’t waste your time trying to contact CS.


It’s at the (almost) top of the page under “AirBnB Help and Support Desk”. I can see the Uk number first, although that may depend on where you are reading from. They are wizards who put this together!

If you do call, you won’t automatically talk to someone in the UK. I learned to call after 2 pm, when I’d usually get through to Dublin, who are super helpful and good fun to boot. Any earlier, I found I was usually routed through to an Eastern European office, not quite so helpful or fun… Late evening, I’ve had some delightful conversations with someone in Lisbon and someone else in Barcelona, again both super helpful.

This has been my experience as well. I agree with @muddy, probably a waste of time.

I’m yet another one who has had a nothing review. (Well, a few characters that were meaningless). And yet the private feedback from the guests was splendid. I guess she just got muddled.

As RR says, move on. It’s not really worth worried about or spending time trying to fix. :slight_smile:

I don’t think he will be able to edit it. Maybe he can text his written review to you and you can copy and paste it under the host response section with quotation marks. At least this way future guests can still read his review.

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Oh yeah, I forgot about that - I did this once. Great advice


The guest would have to contact Airbnb about this, but I’m not sure what would come of it. I know that they will fix typos (in your own review) for you!

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If the guest who placed the review calls wanting to correct their obvious mistake…it can be corrected.
That is a good observation
regards, printsbery

Really - when did you have a situation with a guest when this was your experience @stream26


I was wondering why one of my reviews was literally, " "