Guest accidentally left zero stars for Overall, 5 stars in all other categories

I had this situation with a vengeful guest and a case worker that said “Airbnb never removes reviews” I got the host guarantee from ABB and THEN blew up the Twitter and FB page twice daily. We got what we wanted, with a few excuses that we financially planned for. Overall it was total bullshit having to fight for ABB to care, but we did get them together pay … And the crappy - completely dishonest review - was removed. The system is soooo skewed to the guest but I’m sure you have gotten that idea already … :disappointed:


I don’t believe that for a minute. ABB can do whatever they want to do. It is not impossible, they just don’t want to put that out there as an option. It is much easier to tell hosts that they can’t do something than to admit that they just don’t want to do it. I got it removed and I’m sure others have also. Just don’t give in to them - keep pushing.

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I agree - skewed for sure. We just have to keep trying to get what we need. Ask for a new case manager, use FB, Twitter whatever works.

I’ve been meaning to ask why your screen name is EVedder but your pic is David Bowie and now that you’re here…


Hahah…I’m a complicated multifaceted creature. I love many artists. Bowie the most though. Thanks for asking. I think most people don’t take much notice.


So you posted about Airbnb on their FB & Twitter? What did you say? I’m new at this but I’ve just had a long & truly terrible & dishonest review. What should I do?

Does the review violate the TOS? Is it one of 10 reviews or one of 200? One of 200 I would not worry it truly reflects on the guest more than you. I have never had to try and get an Air review removed but I did prevail with TripAdvisor once.

Good luck


Hi posted to FB, (don’t use Twitter). It was actually the Airbnb CS that removed the review in the end. On FB they just told me “No can do”. Perhaps making a noise about it helped though. I kept at it and asked for it to be looked at again by a manager etc. It was a genuine mistake on behalf of the guest. Luckily for me, sanity prevailed though sadly it doesn’t usually.

If you have a terrible review that violates their TOS, then you can point out how it is in violation and may be lucky enough to have it removed. If not, I would say that you should reply in a professional, unemotional manner and address any untruths. I know a lot of hosts say to never respond, but I feel you must. Especially if there are things said that are plain wrong/lies and may put off future guests.

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Thank you so much. That helps. I have to address this review as it says my shower doesn’t work among other untruths. I have a looong draft reply that includes death threats as I had to do something or I couldn’t get to sleep fretting about it. It doesn’t violate the TOS but my draft does.

I’m going to call Airbnb later today. It’s frustrating that if a guest puts malicious lies in a review that I can prove aren’t true that they won’t remove them.

I am aghast that someone I had very little contact with who was here only one night would have that much venom and ill will towards me. She want’s me kicked off Airbnb. She’s advising potential guests not to stay here. Thank goodness I have over 100 good reviews.

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I totally understand the need to write a shocker of a draft reply just to get it off your chest and vent. Whatever helps your mental health I say!

If you can prove that the guest’s claims are BS then there is no harm in trying to get it removed. Chances are, they won’t - but you have to try.

Then… when the shitty review is still there, post your well thought out response. Test it out here on the forum first. You will get lots of help composing the right response that doesn’t make you look like an angry nut job and put off future guests.


Future guests will see your good reviews and realize this one says more about the reviewer than you. I would not respond at all.

You are letting the asshole win. Do not give this person the power to keep you up at night.

Let. It. Go.


Thank you so much for your responses. I’ve had two more 5 star overalls since & pretty sure I’ll get another one today. I called Airbnb yesterday, the case manager I spoke to read the dreadful review & right away said he’s going to escalate it & someone will get back to me :grin:

I didn’t have to write another draft furious response last night & I slept like a baby. As my old Mum used to say “There’s nowt as queer as folk” I have a regular coming today, that’s always good.


I know it doesn’t help you any but I had someone who ever even stayed leave a bad lying review telling people to go elsewhere…it was my best listing until that review over 6 months ago. Since then it has gotten only ONE booking since then and that person didn’t leave a review but was a guest from hell!!!

I hadn’t realized she even left the review and I hadn’t left her one because she never checked in. I also didn’t respond because by the time I realized I couldn’t get it removed the time had passed for me to be able to. I’m still working on trying to remove it though…