Guess the nightly price

I’m staying with my husband, daughter and two of her friends at an ocean-front Airbnb near Belfast, ME. The “cottage” (it’s huge) has three bedrooms (plus a double bed suspended by chains on the 30x16’ screened porch), three bathrooms (one with claw foot tub), double-sided gas fireplace in living room, a library, indoor and outdoor dining areas, kitchen with farmhouse sink, gas range, all new appliances (including washer/dryer in separate laundry room), a ginormous gas BBQ, all on 3+ wooded acres. (Did I mention it’s OCEAN FRONT?)

I am gobsmacked at how little she is charging for this place. (Also, she has a one night minimum stay!)

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I’ll take a guess! $150 US per night.

$170 per night

…dare I say I looked it up.

Enjoy your stay. Be a good guest!

@HH_AZ FTW! We’re the first guests to stay here, so don’t forget the 20% discount…:stuck_out_tongue:

The photos don’t do this place justice. They also don’t convey the amount of clutter here at “Grammies Place.”


looks and sounds awweful nice, at any price!

Hopefully the host will come to her sences soon. There is 4/2 house near me for 95$ per night . For 8 people.

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I’m getting a horror film called “Grammies Place: It just seemed too good to be true…” In the meantime don’t go into the cellar (“It’s in the Rules. Didn’t you read the Rules?”) or expect any help from an AirBnB CSI when you finally get through (“You say the host is an axe wielding maniac? Well I can’t help you but you should feel free to include that in the review. Now, do you want to cancel or raise the issue with my manager?”).


It really is! But it would be soooooo much better without the clutter. She really needs to do a massive yard sale, or something. Some of the things I have found:

Four chess sets
Fondue pot and utensil set
Three salad spinners
Nineteen serving platters (that you could serve a small- to medium-sized turkey on)
Multiple sugar bowls
Five cooking thermometers
Four corkscrews
More fondue forks
68 lobster-themed refrigerator magnets.

So. Much. Stuff.

uh oh >>stuff must be depleted

Forgot to mention…not a single sugar bowl has any sugar in it.:joy::joy::joy:

There is an outbuilding next to the house that’s locked up tight. I can see that there’s bunk beds in there - and more clutter! - and all I want to know is WHY??? aren’t they renting that space, too! Did someone die in there?..Was it Grammie?

GREAT GRAMMIES’ GHOST!!!:joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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I am currently staying with a friend in a home she just inherited from her mom on Martha’s Vineyard. This is my second stay but even with lot’s of us trying to get the place ready to rent at about $6000 a week, the clutter is unbelievable. Her mother was an organized horder. Every nook and cranny has boxed and labelled craps. Every closet, under beds, etc. I think my friend has spent nearly $2000 so far paying to have it hauled away. It’s overwhelming. My guess is that she is offering it low to get the summer rentals in Maine - very short season and then will work on the house. Enjoy.

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That exactly describes my experience getting my in-laws to move from Edgartown to Peabody in 2016. Thank goodness they needed to sell in order to make the move - for years they talked about wanting to leave the house to their children - jointly - so they could gather at the “family home” (they had only lived there since 2008).

Uh, no thanks. If we want to stay on the Vineyard, we’ll get a hotel room, or find an Airbnb. (Suffice it to say, we haven’t been back.)

Labeled craps! I went to a garage sale like that, felt so sorry for the kids who had to clear it out to sell. They should donate or take it to a flea market and get 50c per item.

Gorgeous! But how far from the closest shop, restaurant? Remote location might be reason for the price?

Nope - it’s walking distance to:
a very good restaurant (serves brunch/dinner most days)
a convenience store (with sandwiches/etc. to go)
art gallery
9-hole golf course
town harbor & yacht club

10 minutes to grocery store/downtown shopping area (incl. a cute lingerie shop called “City Drawers”). It’s 60-90 minutes to all sorts of other area attractions by car.

I was joking with my husband that we should rent it for the summer, live in the outbuilding and sub-let/manage the house ourselves…:rofl:

OK so go on airbnb and rent for next 365 months.

New listing maybe error in parameters like we all make in the beginnign?

Why not go live there at that price! Book it ! I would!

My husband already has a reminder on his calendar to book the place next March. :grin:

As good a price, location, and home that it is, “Clutter” is my kryptonite! That combined with staying at “Grammies Place” would have me out the door in 5 minutes.

I’m glad you enjoyed it, further defining the value of ABNB diverse and unique listings. Thank you for sharing your experience and the listing.

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Please do her a favor and clue her in about clutter. Nothing puts me off about Air listing pix like unnecessary, useless throw pillows that make sitting on a couch impossible, knick-knacks on the dresser so you can’t open a suitcase on top, or “decor items” on all the flat places in a bathroom where guests want to leave their toiletries, and on work surfaces in the kitchen. If there is less clutter it will rent faster. …Sez the spartan Ikea decor owner…

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