Guatemala bans Americans, Mexico may be next

Living on the largest border city in the US means that if Mexico bans or even enhances screening, it will have a big impact in El Paso. I have a Mexican guest here now and had been getting an average of one every month or two.

I’m near the other border – on the Canadian side – and just yesterday and today have had all my Americans cancel. Those are March and April trips, but also some summer and one September. Hopefully they will decide to vacation in El Paso!

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I’m planning on staying open unless someone I know needs a place to stay. But honestly, I don’t need the money like some do. I’m mulling my options. First let things shake out a bit.

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New Zealand has said that NZ citizens can enter the country from the US, but must self quarantine if they come from infected areas or if they are visiting older relatives. They’re considering banning non-citizens, if they haven’t already.

not as of last night but cruise ships are banned and arrivals from almost everywhere must self isolate for 14 days. I have mixed feelings. Part of me is glad I got there and back when I did, part of me wishes I could have canceled and saved about $6000.

9000 people had self isolated (out of less than 5 million). That’s the kind of action that will keep them healthy. When I arrived in AKL 4 weeks ago they were already taking action including screening certain arrivals at the airport. When I arrived at LAX almost a month later it seemed that very litte was being done. Maybe that’s just due to me going through the Global Traveler line.

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