Great booking, but with kids

I don’t want to cancel the booking, because it will pay for Christmas - it’s the first booking for the WHOLE house, I usually just do the bedrooms only, so I shall be homeless for christmas!
Unfortunately, I’m struck with horror, as I have a very expensive settee, and just noticed that he has kids, 9 and 11. I don’t want Vimto all over the fabric. I could probably have coped asking adults to keep red wine away from it, but not so confidant about a 9 yr old. How far can I go with precautions and warnings?

(Ken - I don’t want to cancel)

Jeez I remember that stuff, is it still on the go?

Multiple cheap throws from Ikea, with a mattress protector underneath?


yeah, throws would help.

(and industrial plastic sheeting underneath!)

Perhaps I could message him in a chummy way, and mention that I’ll put some throws on and add a smiley face

Anything you dont want destroyed, move it to another place. Unfortunately kids can run amuck(especially on vacay!).


If they’re coming to Brighton for Christmas they could be trendy eco-friendly parents who only let their children drink water.

You can but hope …

But also yes, all the above - except I can’t think how you could move a large sofa.

Gosh, Vimto … I bet you remember Dandelion and Burdock too!

Buy Coach covers and leave note with guest to say if kids sit on, then please use.

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You don’t want expensive furniture in a whole house rental.


Yup! I hadn’t really planned on doing the whole house, as it was the ‘marital home’, but I’m single now, so I’m taking the plunge.
Brighton is a tourist town, so most people rent the ‘bedroom only’ option, as they’ll be eating and drinking out - this is the only ‘entire house’ booking, in 5 months of availability! I know adults can spill drinks too, but I hadn’t contemplated 2 kids moving in…
How do hosts in Airbnb Luxe cope?

That’s what security deposits are for. Dont assume the kids will be messy though. Often adults are worse. You could make a rule of no eating/ drinking in that room due to expensive furniture etc.


I will say, my husband would be more likely to spill something on your settee than my eight-year-old! I think if you make it clear during the house tour that it’s your personal home most of the time and point out things like this, you’ll be OK. Also, most things can be got out of upholstered furniture with the proper treatment. Don’t ask me how I know :slight_smile:


I’m narotic so I would remove the settee and store it at the same place where you will be staying. If that’s not a possibility, than wrap it up and hide it in a closet.

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It’s the biggest settee in the world, and on the first floor. At my ex’s 40th, we hired ‘The Bearded Brothers’ to shift it into the garage for the weekend, and back again. Even they struggled, and I had to get my paintbrush out afterwards :frowning:
The section that Barrett is snoozing on, and the corner unit next to it, are longer than my kingsize bed


Mate, that is a sofa and a half!

It’s like a big bouncy castle for grow’d ups :slight_smile:



and comfy? Yes.
I wake up with neckache if I go to bed, so quite often, I’ll just stay on the sofa.
(Sofa cost 20 times more than the bed, literally my favourite thing in the world, after Barrett)


Barrett may be the cutest dog ever. What a sweet pup.


Thankyou @georgiahost!

The solution, I even have a voucher to use up

Just been chatting with the guests, he says the kids are well behaved, and they’ll be out most of the time, and I believe him on both counts

Even if there were to be a spill it could quite possibly be easily cleaned. I hope you and Barrett have a lovely Christmas and do something fun with part of your xmas haul. Will you decorate for the holiday?

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good qwezzy…I could put tinsel up I suppose…

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Maybe ask the family how they feel about it? Do you have any tree ornaments?

yes, but no tree…can put a real one up, and give it a right good watering before I go.
(And hide the wine)