Granny Flat or Secondary Dwelling Queensland Australia

One of our adult children is building a secondary dwelling on our suburban block of land in our town in Queensland Australia. It is a separate building from our house but there is only one title.

The plans have been approved by council and everything is legal.

He is paying for the construction and when he is not living there he will AirBnB it and the revenue will go to him.

Our property is number 31 in our street and, within the family, we have started referring to his place as 31a.

So the question is, will he be able to start his own AirBnB hosting account using the address 31a even though that address does not legally exist?

31a will have its own electricity account etc. We want to try to avoid us, his parents, being regarded as the beneficial recipients of this AirBnB income that will be generated.

Have you looked at the CGT implications on an income being earnt on your principal place of residence? The extra unit is owned by you? Have you spoken to an accountant?
there is an interesting article on "Flat Chat’ Jimmy Thompson and tax implications.

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Yes. We have addressed all of that side of things. We have owned the property for 30 years so there has been a significant capital gain since then. We have had an accredited valuation done now to lock in the tax free status of that capital gain. We are aware that CGT will be payable down the track if we dispose of the property. Thank you for the Flat Chat tip. I hadn’t heard of him before.

What I am particularly interested in is whether AirBnB will accept a separate account for 31a.

Why don’t you just try it :wink:. I don’t understand the problem really. If you also BnB in your own home, your son will have his AirBnB account and you will have yours. I don’t think AirBnB will oppose two different accounts having a listing on the same address.

My question is: What is the importance of AirBnB accepting? AirBnB is not the tax department. It also isn’t the department who decides on new address numbers.

  • It may help to contribute to a case that our son and not us is the beneficiary of this income

  • Keeps the bookkeeping separate right from the source

  • Revenue can go directly to his bank account from AiRBnB

  • He can manage the listing himself


AirBnb doesn’t care about the address. Only you local council will care about that sort of thing.