Government Issued ID

What kind of guests do not have Government-Issued ID? Wouldn’t government-issued ID include foreign passports or visas?

Americans are not required to possess a government id. Foreign visitors would need a passport to enter the United States.

I wonder what percentage of people do, though - they need one to be hired for a job, go to the doctor, use a credit card (seldom, but sometimes) and more.

I would consider a driver’s license a government-issued ID. But maybe you’re thinking of something else.

I have a driver’s license…you need an ID to go to a bar as well…

Is this a way to block illegal immigrants from booking? I wonder if I’m getting no bookings since I’m not allowing illegal immigrants to stay at my place by having it on…

ha ha not at my age…:laughing:

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For me it’s simply a way to have some assurance that the person that booked is actually who they say they are.

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Why are you so obsessed by ‘illegal immigrants’. What evidence do you have that they are using BNB ?


I have government ID required and I have no problem getting bookings.

I am not getting any bookings either. Everyone I know who is doing Air in Seattle is dead… I have a few friends who have been doing it for years and say this years drop is unprecedented compared to past years. Fortunately for them they have built up a clientele of repeat customers and those are the only bookings they are getting… The increase in short term rentals in Seattle has increased so much (more than quadrupled since 2013) the market is really glutted. If you aren’t high in the search rankings no one is looking at your place…I’m new so I guess I’m part of the problem :). At some point I may go back to long-term rental of the mother in law apartment - I needed a break after back to back really inconsiderate longer term renters - and thought I’d give Air a try. I wanted to give it a shot as I love to travel myself and really like meeting other travelers…

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Obviously illegal immigrants have IDs from their original country and can get ID-verified… The system takes IDs from different countries.

But as discussed earlier on another topics there are countries (like the UK) where citizens may not have a government-issued ID


It’s pretty rare to not have some form of government issued ID. It’s possible not to have it, but it’s uncommon. In the US and Australia, most people have drivers licences. In the UK, most people have ID to get into bars/clubs/etc. even if they don’t have a drivers licence.

If your ad said that, I would make assumptions and stay away.


I would too. It may be that the original comment is quite innocent but it seems to imply that there is some sort of discrimination going on?

I am English. I have lived in the USA for the majority of my adult life. I am not an American citizen but a ‘resident alien’. In other words I have all the legal paperwork, I am totally legally able to live here and I pay my taxes to the US government.

As a ‘foreigner’, would I have to prove to hosts that I am legally here? I’d be insulted, to be honest.

I am not so sure it’s even legal to deny service to a person based on his/her immigration status, and I don’t think the average citizen has the right to check someone’s immigration status.


Our government issued ID is either a driving licence or a passport. But no we don’t have ID cards like in most of Europe …

Not really @Ash953. In the UK is how you end up going on a night out and waking up finding you’ve lost your passport.

We tend to use credit cards for that type of ID as they aren’t issued to under 18s… that and the bouncer asking you what your date of birth is …obviously of you think too long you’re scuppered

And of course a credit card is not government ID

If it is not legal, then why is there an optional box to check for it in Instant book?

In Seattle they legally have to card you whether you look old or not. They have spies and cameras to make sure it is done or an establishment can be fined.

Evidence? I talk to my guests. Several of them have been illegal and several have been NOT on their own account names. One guy said he was on his brother’s account - after he arrived and I asked him why his profile didn’t match his photo. Do I kick them out? No. I also hosted an ex-convicted drug felon. Is it any wonder I’m worried?