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Got hacked last night- Warning to other hosts


This gem hacked into my account. Has removed all my captions and I can’t remove the image he put in, it may not be the hacker but it looks like an image was taken.

Airbnb just told me to change passwords and their team will look after it. There is no record of anybody changing the airbnb, so came in under the radar. I have a password controlled laptop, malware protection and others and never save my passwords online.

It’s a bank holiday weekend here in Ireland so everything is closed, so no urgency with airbnb !!

Am thinking of setting up a go fund account so we can raise money for those eyebrows, they so need sorting out, caterpillar look is so 1980’s


How scary and awful for you!!!
Even on a bank holiday they should still answer the phone from somewhere.


I rang them this morning but they were unable to do anything so it was referred to a technical team, so just have to wait. My listing is not that exciting nor do I have millions in my bank account.

I was once pick pocketed, I got huge solace in knowing that there was no bank cards or money in my wallet (was 18) but I got the wallet back


Have you trues this:
Click on your profile photo and then choose “Account settings”. Then click on “Security”.

To see the currently logged in sessions scroll down to the “Login history” section. You can log out any one by clicking on “Logout”.

Log in again, change your pw and you should be safe until Airbnb gets back to you.

Try to change your listing once you’ve tried the above mentioned including the pictures etc.


Hi Christian,

Thanks for the message.

Login history just shows me, 7 months, airbnb was logged in from USA.

Since I last posted, they have come back in again and change the first two pictures again. I have run malware protection and Mcfee and my laptop is coming up clean. Just one user on the laptop again just me.

The first hack removed picture captions and this one about an hour ago removed parts of the descriptions and amenities.

Very strange behaviour. I tried to look at the script as I have set up websites so a tiny bit of knowledge but way too difficult for me to understand.


I have had my rating removed now.


How terrifying! And still nothing from ABB? Have you updated them?


1 phone call and 4 emails and nothing back to date.

I have unlisted as I don’t want a guest booking having issues


This is so weird! The picture of the man that was uploaded, can you reverse search it on google?


I use a Chromebook, seems to avoid the issues.


That’s crazy !
I hope Airbnb gets back to asap!

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