Got a four star rating with a few complains

Got a 4 star rating just now for my lower level suite, the guests stayed one night yesterday, came pretty late around 12am, requested late checked out which I agreed, everything was good, and I thought I will get 5 star as usual. They left a 4 star rating with following problem mentioned:

1, No facial tissue provided ( but I have paper towel, hand towel, bath towel and bathroom tissue provided, not sure why so important to have facial tissue)
2, Street light from outside shines through the window ( I have window film installed, first time heard complain about this, maybe they prefer complete darkness)
3, Walking noise from upstairs disturbed their sleep (Under my listing, I did indicate my family have two kids, and noise can be heard during the day. We actually started our day today around 9am, which is pretty late I think.)

They also give a 4 star on value, the first lower than 5 star rating I got in value category. This is the first time I got so many complains from a guest.

How many reviews do you have already?

27 reviews, 24 five star, 3 four star.

That’s not many reviews so those 4 star reviews are going to hurt. If I were you I’d add facial tissue to the provided amenities and some sort of black out shade or curtain. As for the walking around noise, you can’t do anything about that. Just make sure it’s mentioned several times in the listing. These people are being picky but in their defense Airbnb does ask what the host can do better.

When I put together my room I thought of two things: what do I need in an accomodation and what do hotels provide? Not because I’m a hotel or want to be like one but because they are experts on guest needs. Since all hotels provide tissues and black out curtains from the lowest chain like Motel 6 and up, it’s not crazy for someone to expect those items.

I had a guy tell me I needed a trash bin by the bedside. Just one in the bathroom wasn’t enough. He was being picky but I followed what he said. I had someone say a bench for the shower would be nice…I bought a bench for the shower. I’m in the GUEST ACCOMMODATION BUSINESS. BTW I have 370+ reviews, 98% 5 star.


It is hard not to take anything less than a 5 star personally - we are at 96 reviews with 97%.

One 4 star was fair - the cat had just used the box as the guest arrived so we go dinged on cat smell. Have cats, it will happen. I keep after the box several times a day,

One guy gave all 5s but an overall 4 because he thought the light bulb in the lamp next to the bed was too “cold”. Needs a “warmer” style for reading.

The last one was this week. One night stay. Marked down on value, gave 4 overall.
$40 room with private bath, all necessities and a drawer full of “if you forgot” items, hand-pressed sheets, self-serve but plentiful breakfast items, snacks always available, cable, Roku, Sling TV, white noise machine (if needed - since I bought it the neighbor dog has stopped barking. Guess it works!), Dedicated parking space - we park on the street leaving the entire driveway, washer/dryer/iron available - total of 34 amenities. Work friendly.

I think she was annoyed that she had to use her own Netflix account. Sigh.

I agree with K9 - we are in the guest accommodation business. Gotta go change that light bulb! Change what you reasonably can, let go of the rest.


Blackout curtains make a huge difference to comfort for many people. They are pretty cheap on Amazon etc…
Personally I can’t tell the difference between quality loo paper and tissues, but if it seems appropriate for your price point and comparable accommodation then provide a box of tissues. I am not sure why a bin is necessary by the bed (what urgent/important rubbish is generated there?). I have only had one guest request that and he was a low type I wouldn’t want back anyway.

Tissues and condoms. Better than thrown on the carpet.

Sorry, a white wine infected evening…


Thing is, I have 3 bins for this small room: one for by the desk, one for the bathroom, one by the bedside. But I was experimenting with not putting them all out due to having to clean all three. After it was missed I replaced the one by the bed. If someone is staying more than 3 nights I put the third one in there.

Why? 1. It’s amazing how much trash someone can generate per day. 2. Hotels have two bins and they know a lot more than I do 3. I can’t imagine anyone complaining I have too many as none are taking valuable floor space. 4. If I have a cold or allergies and am using a lot of tissues they pile up quickly. I don’t want a pile a used tissues on the bedside table and I don’t want to get out of bed and take them the the bathroom. Or cough drop wrappers or condoms or any trash generated while on the bed. 5. If someone were to be sick and the bedside bin was there in time, one use would be worth it.

What’s wrong with a sock?

Much as a love all my guests (I’m only being slightly sarcastic there) guests will be guests. There is always going to be one (or three or four or more) who will mark you down on something. Anything.

Unless the ideas they put forward are good ones (and yes, tissues are a good idea) then ignore them and move on.

I am about to write a review for a guest who is only going to get three stars for cleanliness. She’ll probably hate me forever. Big deal :slight_smile:

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I’m (being) told they might/probably leak…


I meant as a substitute for the tissues. Probably some awful English public school idea.

Ok, my guests either put that stuff in the bathroom bin or in a little rubbish bag (provided in the bathroom for sanitary items as much as anything else). One advantage of a cool climate is it reduces allergies. I guess I am worried about the space.
Again in that Hilton they had 3 bins in a small twin room. I deliberately only used one bin so they didn’t waste more petrochemical bin liners. They had no clue when I asked them about recycling my shampoo bottles etc… Hotels are pretty backward on green issues.

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As is most everyone else it seems.

It kills me to offer filtered water in a glass bottle and then find empty plastic water bottles in the bin. And if it’s only dry trash in the bin I dump it out, spray with disinfectant and put in the sun to dry. I don’t use a new bin liner unless there is something wet in there. It’s a non stop balance between competing interests.


Yep that’s so true. I always provide a glass in the bedroom and a filter jug at breakfast for filling up their water bottle but they still waste money on bottled water with the plastics leached into it. Only thing would be to put more tax on the bottles/make them returnable. It might be happening in the UK.

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@zywan0124 Your three guest “issues”

1, No facial tissue provided ( but I have paper towel, hand towel, bath towel and bathroom tissue provided, not sure why so important to have facial tissue)

Because many people need to blow their nose in the night, and would NOT appreciate having to get up and stagger into the bathroom to do so. Having facial tissues will save you a small fortune in toilet paper. We had a guest who used up a half box of facial tissue and 3 rolls of toilet paper in three days!

2, Street light from outside shines through the window ( I have window film installed, first time heard complain about this, maybe they prefer complete darkness)

Have you actually stayed for a couple nights down there to see how bright it is? A LOT of people like really dark bedrooms. I certainly would complain about this if it was bright enough to bother me sleeping.

3, Walking noise from upstairs disturbed their sleep

Partially their fault, partially yours. If they’re going to “sleep-in” it’s their fault. On the other hand you know the noise problem exists, and a white noise generator is pretty cheap. A box of foam earplugs from the chemist is even cheaper.

Haha! I love your logic. I just bought three white noise machines (one for each bedroom) and am hoping to keep the entire W.NC area sleeping soundly! :sleeping:

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For custom blackout curtains, I go to a discount fabric outlet, measure and cut. No finishing except the hem (fusible pellon). If the room is particularly bright, double them.

Windex cleans up smudges and they handwash well.

I’m with K9KarmaCasa. We are in the accomdation business and I have followed through on most everything my guests have suggested (Full Length Mirror, Lamps by the bedside rather than the overhead cans, Plastic Glasses for poolside).

I even had a guest provide a comment about how great the facial tissue I provided was (the kind with the moisturizer in it)

I had the following message from a guest who gave me 5 stars.

“Given that your place was already so lovely we asked, “what would make it even better, what minor things/slight tweaks could be made?” We thought;

  1. Some dimmer switches on living room, kitchen and bar lights to easily create ambiance, would be sweet.

  2. Maybe a 3-way lamp (low med high) for the bedside lamps with an incandescent bulb would be great for reading or mood lighting.

  3. Leila loved the bed, it was a little too firm for me, I’d love to see a 3” Tempur-Pedic topper on the bed given its firmness… I sleep on one at home and love it :slight_smile:

  4. A small trash can by the toilet.”

I implemented each of his suggestions … Good thing too, as he just booked a return visit.

What I don’t have is a bedroom trash can, but after reading this post, I will have one soon enough.


For our Summer when it gets light before 4am, I have blackout blinds velcroed to my window frames. It’s the only way to get zero gaps.

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