Good Neighbors Save the Day

I see a lot of posts about neighbors making Airbnb difficult or tolerating horrible guests. Today my neighbor saved the day. I have complicated directions in my response including the fact that the door sticks but IS NOT locked, just push I also usually greet guests but had a family event requiring that the guest self check-in. I texted the guest, told him to be sure to read the Airbnb message thread, left my cell number and he acknowledge my message. Unfortunately cell coverage was terrible at the party. When leaving and cell range improved I saw a two hour old message saying “the door is locked, we are waiting for you”. I texted back that I knew the door was unlocked and perhaps they were at the wrong door and asked where they were. There was a long, uncomfortable wait for a response. Finally the guest said, your neighbor let us in and we are out to dinner now. The neighbor, who had never co-hosted and wasn’t very familiar with my second floor, went over the directions with these these Airbnb newbies, opened the door and found them their second floor room. They were more embarrassed than upset and we had a lovely morning chat. If the guests figure out how to leave a review, I anticipate that this neighbor saved us from some negative comments! Maybe I need to enlist the neighbor as a co-host.


You should walk over to your neighbor and give him a bottle of wine or a basket of baked goods. He did a lovely thing. It’s nice to know that there are still nice people around.


I’m also her landlord of 19 years so I take good care of her.


Time to fix your door!


Have done so several times. The house is 212 years old so it could probably use a few coats of paint removed. Hate to lose the gorgeous hardware.


Why would you lose the hardware?

I’m in the process of repainting my front door (the stripping alone has been epic. I’ll hire someone next time. There’s no reason to lose the hardware. It can be cleaned, if need be. Hire someone and fix it or take an orbital sander to the part of the jamb where it jams.

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Can’t give you the exact detail because my husband works with it but no matter how much he tightens it, it loosens frequently adding to the frustration with the door.

Well, I don’t understand the problem and maybe I’ve seen too many of those ‘clever hack’ videos that show how you can fix things that might at first seem unfixable. I just saw one where the hole was too big for the screw to tighten and they put in glue and a dowel (I suppose that’s common sense not a clever hack).

I hope you can save the hardware!

Glue in toothpicks with wood glue. Works great I’ve done it several times.


The looseness is metal on metal but I understand what you mean.

Save yourself the hassle and repair the door.

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This was supposed to be a pleasant comment about a good neighbor not a critique on what to do with my door.


Your good neighbors on this forum, however, saw a way to help you and prevent situations like you experienced. It could have been much worse, you know. Don’t be one of those folks who comes here and then freaks out because honest commentary happens…


I love that your neighbor/tenant was kind enough to help! Great story.

P.S. Don’t touch the old door! It’s part of its charm and beauty I am sure. :slight_smile:


The Chinese have proverb that a sticking door causes arguments…