Good morning how can I be a host?

I would like to be a hostmember that help with cleaning and handling with the keys to the guests I live in från canarias. how can I do this?
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Sorry, I didn’t understand anything. Please explain us with a few more words, what your ‘situation’ is.

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I think you are referring to becoming a cohost on the Airbnb cohost marketplace. Becoming a cohost who would be listed on Airbnb’s cohost marketplace was something that you could only do if you:

  1. Were a superhost
  2. Lived in one of the few (around 25) cities where it was available.

I just tried to click on the link where people used to have to go to get started, but now it’s saying that the page no longer exists.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but Airbnb may be scaling back their push to connect hosts with local cohosts. There are already several companies that do this well, like “Hostie,” for example. You can apply to be a cohost with anyone of those companies.

Good luck!

Thank you for your respons Clint!
I also tried the link without any sucsess.

Do you know where I can find the name on the companies that airbnb is working with?

Thank you again!

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I think Hostie is probably the best one out there, but you could also check out GetProperly, MaidThis, Handy, or Tidy.