Goobyes and feedbacks

After nearly breaking my own neck slipping in the shower over bath and falling backwards right out of the bath tub (back of both thighs were black and blue for weeks) I purchased a very thick anti slip mat, I exit mould it 2 x a week and never had a complaint. Every 2-3 months I replace it. and I’m nothing close to ‘elderly’. Better safe than sorry I say. I have slipped in quite a few Airbnb showers and not told the hosts out of embarrassment as the dimensions, step up etc are unfamiliar and often you are tired after travelling so many hosts may not realise how dangerous theirs are.

Peoples hair getting caught in the suction sunder the mat is the most annoying and it’s now in my house manual but many guests just ignore my whole manual so I clean it every time I shower. It’s a bit of a gross job as I hate other people’s hair even though realistically it’s clean in the shower!

If you have a shower over bath, I think it’s really essential.