Goldilocks, levitator, and _____

I love the analogies of guests who are either levitators or Goldilocks. I’m curious if anyone has a witty word for people who inquire, ask lots of questions but don’t book? Guests who ask things like how far is your place from the airport but your location is disclosed on the map.

There are other types of people who simply ask “Is this available?” They send inquiries for different dates but are actually looking to stay for a different time frame. Why do they waste their energy reaching out to a host who has dates blocked for whatever reason?

Or there are doubters who will ask “is your place really renovated?” My listing title says recently renovated and the pictures/review prove it.

Tire kickers?……………….



As far as asking for dates that are blocked, I got one of those, but she explained that she had been in my town the year before, was staying just up the road, would walk by my place and always wanted to stay here, but it was booked. She just asked if the booked guest cancelled, to please let her know.

Oddly enough (because I’ve almost never had cancellations), that guest did cancel, I contacted the inquirer right away, and she said " Darn it. I just booked another place this morning, because I was afraid if I waited any longer, I wouldn’t find anything".

I’ve seen the term “Looky Lou” (Or is that “Lookie Loo”) used on this forum.


Askholes. (usable in many situations)


Yeah, such as a host asking a guest a bunch of questions about themselves, the trip, etc., and then declining the reservation request. :crazy_face:


I’m getting two or three of these a week since around the first of May: “Is your place closed for covid or is it really booked up?”
It was closed for covid, and now it is booked up.
But either way they couldn’t come, right? If I say “closed for covid” will they then tell me to stop being a sheeple because they need a holiday? Or are they just checking to see whether I am following the rules? Or are they casing the joint? Or…
(I have to speculate here. Sorry about that. The dinner table is tired of me wondering about this.)
Anyway, I call them “inspectors”.


I’ve had some odd requests with dates selected- like where I got an armchair, if I had a local contractor to recommend, a fellow host asked how they prevent check-outs on Saturday, someone was looking for a year furnished lease (!!) and had a ton of questions etc :rofl:

I call them tire kickers!

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