Going to do a quick one-off

My student house is available for August, going to put a new bathroom in, and try and rent it out for Pride weekend. Historically, my 2 worst reviews have been the first guests at a listing, so i’m expecting this again! Should I keep it away from the Airbnb platform, so as not to take a hit if I get 4stars?
(This doesn’t mean I’ll be trying to get away with being a bad host for this one-off)

What I’m getting at is: what platform would be ideal? I’ve looked at Booking, but is that too hotel-ly?

Hello @Barns

If you just looking to rent for this weekend it’ll take some days for your listing to get activated on booking.com . I find that booking.com guests are more likely to leave terrible reviews because they always seem to think that they paid for a 5* hotel.

I think you should use airbnb and use the description to point out any house problems etc. Just keep it simple and clean and you should get a good review. Its a busy time of the year so you should be able to earn enough even if you have it as the cheapest in the area :slight_smile:


yes, I think that is a good idea. If i don’t do IB, I can at least coach the guests into what kid of a setup it is. I’m sure it’ll be fine, just worrying about “what if I forget washing up liquid”, etcs.
Don’t want to buy 6 towels for now weekend!

well, its a pain trying to get those photos to fit in the big ‘letterbox’ frame, as your cover photo