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When you say: [quote=“jaquo, post:5, topic:21806”]
I’ll bet that if every host here shared their listing page one a week,
[/quote] what do you mean by this jaquo? Shared in what way?


Oops … didn’t mean to start a new topic. Sorry. Meant to reply on the existing thread.


Never mind. It’s interesting anyway.

When I said ‘shared’ I meant that if hosts added their listings (or an article about their accommodation) to Twitter, Google+, FB, Pinterest, Flipboard etc. on a regular basis, then they’d find that bookings would increase as word got around. Hosts would still have the advantages of using Airbnb (brand leader, highly-visited website etc.) but would be less reliant on what many hosts see as a problem with Airbnb - the search function.

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