Glamping /yurt listings - anyone do them?

I thought that too but after seeing the replies on here I’m a bit more appreciative of the costs. Having said that, I recently watched a 4 in a bed episode where the log cabin, with outdoor toilet and shower and breakfast hamper extra cost, was almost £300 a night. Apparently their USP was “no wifi”. That did strike me as taking the piss somewhat - I’m paying extra for the lack of a facility?? !

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Ok, I get it that it was an “experience” but -14c, in a tent!!!

We’ve just had one of the coldest nights this year, around 5c, and I’m running up an electricity bill that’ll probably almost bankrupt us! The forecast for tonight is 4c. It’s blanket/duvet/blanket, and I can almost hear our electricity meter spinning like a helicopter :slight_smile:

They must breed them hard where you are from…


No they are not my creation, my friend Tom created them, he is a gifted boat builder; Eryn was the original prototype, they all have their own personality and are thus given names.


    November 27

Magwitch, in my opinion; bottom line it is hard work living off the grid or providing an experience that is off the grid!

I’m seeing that now, thanks to all the great replies on here!

The freespirit domes look wonderful, I would love that. Are they yours? I don’t quite understand what you mean by

“Eryn” lived in my trees for a period of time


And how on earth does a fully functional bathroom work in that set-up?! Truly magical :slight_smile:

Even some of my friends in N. Michigan think we’re nuts for going up there.
It was so cold the first morning that when I pitched some boiling water out the door it phase changed directly to a cloud of solid water particulate!
But we were also a 1.5 hour hike from this view. The Chickadees will eat bread from your hand (makes me feel like a Disney princess) and between good sleeping bags, duty free liquor, and the electric heater we kept warm and happy.


What a georgeous area! Did you make snow angels and melted brown sugar candy in the fresh snow too?

Thanks for the explanation robin (what an apt name for a discussion of tree houses :slight_smile: ) A boat builder, that makes so much sense. The domes do resemble the curves a boat, plus the porthole windows. Like tree-boats floating in the forest. I love how they have names, also like boats. They are really beautiful.