Giving guests option to change the reservation date instead of them losing $ on cancelled reservation

No I am not being a pushover by agreeing to refund guests who cannot travel to my area because my government has decided to restrict travel and stays.

For me it’s simple I don’t think morally it is right to charge guests for a service I cannot provide. There weren’t restrictions when they booked in my city.

And being a ‘young married couple’ doesn’t make you any more financially unable to afford to refund, than any other host. @Blackguard. With two of you who are young and able to work arguably you are in a better position than other hosts where young families or ill health prevent them for being able to work outside of the home.


Anyone who books during a pandemic knows the risks. If you want to be their travel insurance thats on you.


also - being a young married couple does make you less finacially able to afford a refund. Heres a really quick econ lesson. Gen Y and Z are the first generations to make less than their parents. Couple that with going through the 2008 bubble , rising healthcare and education costs… yeah we have our youth but we have to fucking grind out here to make it. You are out of touch.

@Blackguardly, you joined here 9 hours ago and you’re already being insulting towards long-time members here so can you please cool it a bit? This isn’t one of those Reddit-type-let’s-all-hate-each-other places.

Read around for a while and you’ll soon get a feel for the place. Thanks :slight_smile:


How am I insulting someone? Because i Point out that one of your members does not understand what young people are going through?

is this a grandmothers knitting circle where you invite people to stay in your home and play cribbage near the hearth?

dont worry - i will see myself out.

LOL. Well, it does tend to end badly as we see with the young married couple with anger issues.


That’s not insulting? Okay, let’s say it isn’t by your particular standards but I take it you read the terms of the site before you joined and started posting?

No. It’s the internet and as such can be read by anyone from anywhere in the world. Therefore, as we are all Airbnb hosts, we prefer to be represented here as pleasant and helpful people. Which we are, largely.


P.S. All hosts welcome to this site - a certain amount of civility required, however, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is it ok if one were to say don’t let the door hit you on your feckin bottom?

Asking for a friend.



Civility!! Fkin loser

You reference AirBNB last March so you are well aware what can happen when counting on future revenue.

Anyone who books travel around money that is not already in hand, knows the risks.


That is a generalization, though. Not all of us who are older had things easy, either, nor did some of us plan well financially for our older years. And the people your age I know actually have more disposable income and better paying jobs than I ever did.

I hear a lot of people your age whining about how much worse off you have it than your parents did, but somehow a great many young people seem to be able to afford $800 iphones, tattoos, and $5 coffees at Starbucks. It’s a matter of priorities- what you spend your money on.


Welcome to the real world, kid. I had my first paid job at 9, my first small business at 12, and I’m still busting my butt at 74. I’m one of many who haven’t had it easy, had to grind all my life, got my Bachelor’s at 49 while working full time and paid off my loans. I do believe that university level education should be free and grad schools affordable because we all benefit from having educated citizens. You only have to look at this election to see the result of ignorance and denial of science.

This is not supposed to be a mutual admiration society. I happen to agree with you on this issue. When I set a refund policy, it’s because I’m not going to act as travel insurance for my guests. I was not happy that Air let my summer guests cancel without penalty, but because of my health issues I really didn’t want to host then anyway. I still don’t.

But don’t go away, just get a little tougher and hang around. Many barkers here, but few biters.


Also note that this hard-done-by couple was particularly annoyed by this cancellation because it disrupted their plans because they had a flight booked. The last time I went on a holiday that needed a flight was, I think, eight or nine years ago.

I certainly couldn’t afford flights when I was one of what he/she refers to as ‘young people’.

Exactly. Different priorities.

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I was thinking with travel down and the vaccine on the way, we had run out of things to talk about. I see I was “fekng” wrong. The past few posts in this thread were kind of fun for this “knitting circle” member to read. Yee-haw some action!!!


This is kinda an outrageous thing to say… I’m in my early 50s and my UC Berkeley education only cost me $100/month in tuition and fees and so us older folks crowing about paying off our student loans is a bit baffling when my students can’t attend a mid-tier state school without paying 17k/year. My entire undergrad education cost was less than 5k and my 1 bd apt was rent-controlled so I split a $500 rent with another student.

Armed with that degree and little debt, it was relatively easy for me and my sibs to enter a still affordable housing market and then make massive equity by just paying the mortgage, locking out the generations after us.

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Wow you were lucky to be in a position to do this. @Chicagohost

I left university with debt it took me years to pay off and had to save up for years before I could afford to put down a deposit on my first property, as London rents are so high, it left little to be able to save.

Single people in London don’t tend to get offered social/rent controlled properties.

That was in the 1980’s.

You can’t assume that everyone of a similar age, was as fortunate as you in getting an early start on the property ladder



Tuition rates are crazy high in most areas and/or if you do on line classes. I’m pursuing a Masters in Nursing Informatics.

I found cost of an online degree including books, fees, tuition etc ranging from $55,000 (Vanderbilt & Duke), $38k (Walden) $24k(Liberty). & $11,000 (Aspen). Bear in mind this does not include living costs.

Most people are doing well to cover their bills and keep a roof over their head so even the cheapest degree can require a loan.

Reasons to live in Scotland number 437:

Education is free up to graduate level. No tuition fees whatsoever, and there is also support available which is a combination of grants and loans (if required).

Post graduate level, fees vary. My I.T. related MSc cost me nada, my daughters political science masters cost, in fees, around 1,400GBP. The lists change from year to year, but many post grad degrees are free of tuition fees.

Obviously course books are a fair expense with some courses, so we have bursary schemes for the less well off to help with the costs.

How do we manage it?

We charge the English double when they want to study here :grinning:



(waving …) Gonna miss you SO MUCH! How will we ever get along WITHOUT YOU?

:grinning: :smiley: :smile: :grin: :laughing: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

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Yes, I know tuition rates are insanely high in the U.S. – I was trying to counter a few of the comments here asserting that young people are just spending all their money on ink and iphones. I think that’s a gross mischaracterization of how the state’s neoliberal disinvestment from education and social spending has radically altered the life chances of people in the U.S.