Getting a weird search result

Getting a weird search result when I do a private browser search for my STR for Boston as a whole place rental (I’m just north of the city) and I put in for 2 guests I show up on the map as I move north of the city. When I put in for 3 guests, my listing disappears. Most of my bookings come from folks looking for places near Boston so this is important

When I do a private browser search for my STR for my city, Melrose, both 2 and 3 guests show up.

When I do a public browser search for Boston both 2 and 3 guests show up on the map.

I’ve contacted Airbnb about this but can’t seem to make them understand and get the same results that I am getting. This has been going on for months.

Here’s my listing:

Doesn’t any have any suggestions as to why I can’t get 3 guests to show up for Boston searches?

I’ll try to take a look sometime today.

Thank you KKC in advance.

I am not sure why you are not seeing it but your listing comes up for me for 3 people for Boston. I duplicated with 3 different dates that you had available.

When I had only 2 guests it came up much much sooner in the list, but when I added the 3rd guest, it dropped down to the 4th page or so. I imagine it just has to do with the change in price for 3 guests.

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Did you see it on the map?

Yes, I sure did!

I did notice that you are at the top of the map for me when I search for Boston and the map readjusts a bit when you change anything (e.g. adding a third guest) so I did have to nudge the map down just an oonch for it to pop up.

I did a search for Boston, 3 people, under $120 and entered some mid week in Feb dates and didn’t see it. I moved the map, didn’t see it. Lowered the price to $100 and still no. I lowered the price to $79, cleared dates and turned on superhost and you popped up on map and first page of search results. I moved the map down a little to include more of Boston and you disappeared.

My guess it that there is so much supply in Boston at this time that someone is really going to have to do a very specific search that encompasses your listing. You are so far north of Boston that someone like me would probably not find your listing. I’d have to have some reason to be specifically looking that far north.

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Thanks for checking.

Except that with 2 people for whole house with a low rate I show up on the first page and on the map when I move it up.

Thanks again for taking the time to look at this. The funny thing is that I’m only about 8 miles north of Boston and the neighborhood is so much better and safer than some of those cities closer to Boston. It’s also easier to get into Boston via car or subway from my area.

I do think that it is related to the third person rate being added. I’m very competitive for 2 people in the winter and 3 in the summer but right now adding that third person significantly increases my rate. Something to think about.

I’m going to tweak the 3rd person rate. Wish I could just have the lower rate just for my winter months but I’ve opened my calendar for the high season. As soon as I get past February I’ll go back to my regular third party rate. Might get a few books for less for summer months but I’d like to fill up my February calendar.

UPDATE - you were correct. I lowered my 3rd person rate significantly and now I’m show up on the first page for bookings under $75 and on the map.

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