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Get ready to pull your hair out - mind boggling stupid explanation from Airbnb


Ahh… so tell Air that it is libel and defamation of character. A review like that can sink your STR and income from. Someone else did this and got a review removed… I dont recall the details etc though. Similar to @PuppyLover kinda. She went legal and is kicking butt

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The bottom line is the implications. A guest says cash is missing. The implications to the host is irreparable. A guest similarly reviewed would likely be profoundly affected. And It doesn’t go away.

A multi billion dollar corporation has got to assume some responsibility here, and manage it well when trust is a core value.


I agree. Maybe @sobepuppy needs to jump to Twitter and reach out to Air that way. When the public sees a big company mistreating someone- the big co tends to fall in line and get problems sorted quickly.


Thank you for the show of support Mandi. I actually did take your advice and informed airbnb I would seeking civil remedies should they not honor their own policies and remove this false & defamatory review.

Interestingly enough, I found this isn’t the first time this guest has had a problem with their property while traveling. A review they left a host they stayed with just prior to me reads:

“This was our first Airbnb experience, and it was a good one. We honestly didn’t spend much time in the apartment since we were on spring break and busy… but we enjoyed being able to come and go without seeing the owner or having to engage in consistent conversation with them. Important: My girlfriend thought she lost her passport at their house, they stopped what they were doing and drove home to look for it. Thanks for helping during a stressful time.”

So I was sure to let the guest know today:

Wow, just wow. This story keeps getting better and better. Not only are you two proven liars, but your own review history reveals you have a habit of being absent minded and negligent with your own property:

“My girlfriend thought she lost her passport at their house, they stopped what they were doing and drove home to look for it. Thanks for helping during a stressful time.”

You two are seriously something else. How irresponsible can two people be ? Its no one’s fault but yours that you lost your cash - apparently just like you lost a passport in Ft Lauderdale.

incredible gall you two have to accuse me of theft. Disgusting people, both of you. Shame on you.
Today at 11:32 AM


I’ve blown them up non stop on Twitter and in the message threads. I just spent an hour and 28 mins on the phone with them - nothing they can do until their legal department gets involved as this point. I’ve also now experienced a cancelled booking in this listing because of the false review. I’m making another claim against the lying guest, not for the value of this cancelled reservation.


Time to get safes in your apartments.


These morons would them claim I had the combo…

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Well it seems like they tried to claim you had camera footage too. But I think having a safe is just a good practice for listings like yours. I know “we’re not hotels” but hotels know more than I ever could about what guests want. It seems to me in this case the guests are accusing your staff rather than you. If you had a safe you have a protocol: First ask if they used the safe. If they say no, you are off the hook. Second, like hotels, you say that housekeeping doesn’t have the master code only you do. So now if they accuse you they ARE accusing you. Then you put your 1000 5 star reviews against their 4 reviews including the one where they admit they misplaced the passport and you have a stronger case. I understand your indignation but we are going to have to keep idiot proofing our listings.

And just my 2 cents but I wouldn’t do all that raging against the guests on the platform. I would have advised a more neutral and professional tone. Maybe the cancellation isn’t just due to the libelous accusation in the review but also due to your over the top response?

Another thing you have to worry about is a vindictive guest reporting you to authorities. Didn’t you previously post that your community was implementing new regulations?


The guest initially asked me if the maids found an envelope a few hours after their departure. I responded immediately and told them no. 6 days later they followed with a more accusatory tone & mentioned my camera should have footage. I responded again immediately and informed them nothing was found inside & no one else was at the apartment during their stay. Several days pass, they haven’t paid me for the parking I provided them & they agreed to pay for, I escalated the claim to Airbnb, Airbnb called me that day stating the guest was refusing to pay having explained to them he believes I broke in & stole his cash. He then posted the review.

I understand your point about not ranting in my public response - but honestly I’m not concerned about my response to his review & accusation potentially turning off future guests - frankly anyone who doesn’t agree with my response isn’t someone I would care to host anyway. I want guests to know what reaction they can expect from me if they even think about pulling shit with me. I don’t approach hosting as inposing an obligation on the host to kiss a guests ass or make up for their mistakes. I provided them what was bargained and paid for, a clean accommodation with all listed amenities. When an adult accuses me of a crime, they can expect an aggressive response back in defense of myself.

Airbnb has already reimbursed me for the parking expense & a ruined pillow case these guests previously agreed to pay & then subsequently refused to pay for after accusing me of theft. Despite the reimbursement, I discussed with airbnb their responsibility in holding this guest accountable for recklessly leaving this defamatory review. Charging him for what was provided and agreeed to - and ensuring there is some form of repuercussion for his defamatory review.

They informed me legal would now be getting involved, taking over the review dispute issue, deciding my compensation for the subsequent cancelled review, and contacting me about what sanctions this guest will face now.

I also discussed with them the need to implement fair & neutral measures when a review is subject to a dispute, from either side, that’s should entail at minimum the review being suspected during the period of Airbnb’s investigations - for as I explained and am experiencing - the alternative is for a host to unfairly suffer negative consequences from a negative review that eventually will be removed, followed by nothing of consequence occurring to the guest. We are fined if we cancel, we are fined if we don’t provide a listed amenities, many other reasons - guests should suffer real consequences when caught absusing the platform. Accusing a host of theft in a public review is a violation of Airbnb’s Content Policy.

I’m not putting safes in my apartments - I already have appropriate measures in place that provide adequate security for guests and a form of CYA for myself. It’s only because I have proof that Airbnb is doing what I’m being forced to demand and fight for - not because they care or support my side.

Yes - a vindictive guest could report me to the City. But thereafter requires the City confront, catch, and prove I’m violating the Code. I’m not concerned, my condo docs allow for it. My building manager knows and conducts them herself. There are 4 active federal lawsuits against the city & a state bill that when passed will preempt local cities in FL from restricting short term rentals. Frankly, the City can kiss my ass - no one is getting in my property without my permission or a judicial warrant.


Happy to provide this update. After multiple calls, emails, tweets, and several long heated conversations with multiple case managers - Airbnb has determined the review is in violation and had it removed !

So hosts, don’t be shy or intimidated to stand up for yourself against Airbnb’s ridiculous red tape. Hold their feet to the fire, call constantly, non stop. I was told NO it would not be moved by 4 case managers. I knew eventually my bitching would win out - and it did.

Tevin G, Apr 1, 08:18 PDT:

Hi Stephen,

Reviews are designed for our users to share their experience with the community and to assist fellow travelers and hosts in making informed decisions when booking. In order to ensure the content upholds Airbnb policy, we have basic guidelines that apply to all reviews on our site.

Due to Immanuel’s review containing a violation, we have determined it is in our community’s best interest to remove this review because it breaches Airbnb policy. If you’d like, you can find our review guidelines here:



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And for my final message to this lying ass guest before I blocked their account:

Airbnb has determined your review violates their Content Policy - because you’re not allowed to make up lies and insinuate a host stole from you. Reviews are to reflect the personal experience of the traveler - yours reflects an irresponsible person who is quick to blame others for their own mistakes.

You both should be ashamed of yourselves. You alone are responsible for the entire situation. As far as I’m concerned, you and you girlfriend are liars and thieves and still owe me compensation for what you’ve caused.

Do you have the integrity to offer me an apology, compensate me for the hours of time it took me to review the videos and provide all of that to Airbnb, compensate me for the reservation I lost because of your review ?

Given your behavior to date, I don’t expect either of you to muster the real character it takes to admit you were wrong.

Shame on both of you.


Thanks for always coming back to update us. Other people have reported that they remove the reviews but not the stars. Do you have any idea if this is correct? For example, I’m always saying I won’t book with any host with less than 5 stars. But if they had 4.5 due to illegitmate reviews I’d have no way of knowing?


I was sure to specify I wanted all the performance / metrics / star rating removed as well - citing I’ve alresdy received Airbnb’s automated nasty gram email telling me my ranking need improvement.

I am back to a full 5 stars over all, so I assume they did this. Although I do not know of anyway to independently confirm this, without having to contact & inquire directly with Aorbnb.


When I was able to ge a 1 star review removed for someone who didn’t stay (way back as well, 2016) they removed the stars too.


Think it may be either case by case, or CS by CS. When guest was trying to get review (ours to them) removed, CS said stars would stand. The usual Airbnb consistency :slight_smile:


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If your stars went down after the review and then back up after the review was removed then that would seem to confirm it.


I had a third party booking leave a 1 star review and I asked Airbnb CS to have it removed because it was a third party. They removed the stars and the review.


I’ve had some frustrating reviews lately also

  1. Guest stayed and gave us 5 stars and said it was the best airbnb they’'d ever stayed at. Rebooked a few weeks later. Gave us 2 stars and said never again- claimed we were missing soap, bread, milk, all of which we had and we provided photographic evidence of- have been through two case managers and they won’t remove our review- should I keep pushing?

  2. Guest stayed and gave us glowing review, 5 stars in every category, 4 stars overall. When I asked why 4 stars she said “you and your place are definitely 5 star, i just gave you 4 stars as we h ad sick kids so couldn’t enjoy ourself” I called AIrbnb and they said they could take down the review but not the star rating (obviously no point). I am positive I had a star rating removed several years ago but according to the case manager they don’t remove star ratings- can someone confirm?


I had a 1 star review removed of someone who didn’t stay when I first started a few years ago and their stars went too.


We have had people report here that stars were removed and also report they could not get stars removed. Best I can tell, all Airbnb policies are subject the the whims of whichever set of case managers you get.

It depends on your overall rating. At this point you should have enough reviews that your time is worth more than the negligible effect a bad review has on your overall average.

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