General Liability Insurance---anyone recommend?

I’m in the beginning stages of becoming a host and am wondering if obtaining General Liability Insurance is needed. And, if so, what is the average cost? Thanks!

We would really need to know what country you are setting up in; there are so many variables. If you let us know, I’m sure you’ll get the advice you’re after.

Thank you for the suggestion. I’m in the US.

Where in the US… it can make a difference.

Virginia. Not in a big city.

I am in Virginia. I used Proper Insurance, which provides property and liability coverage for both my home and the Airbnb business, as well as if anyone falls into the firepit in the backyard. There are several threads on the knotty insurance issues; suggest you search and read 'em first.

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That’s good to know. Did you also add a rider on your home owners insurance policy? I will be renting from the home in which I reside.

Renting out part of my home voided my homeowners insurance so I had to replace entirely. Please see other insurance threads.


Its totally depend on where you live and many different variables before recommending you

Not all homeowner insurance policies will provide the rider. Do not rely on Airbnb guarantee. If your insurance company doesn’t issue a rider, they will deny your claim and cancel your insurance. In my state, MA, the only insurance I can buy is Proper Insurance. All other options have disappeared and their quoted rat is $3000 a year. (My homeowner’s policy is $1200). Hopefully I am making the right decision to start up my airbnb again.

I have a home in Virginia (Rappahannock County) that will become an Airbnb in the fall, fingers crossed. My insurance is through State Farm and I was able to get a rental rider added to the regular homeowner’s insurance for a few hundred dollars - I think the difference was around $300/year? It wasn’t much at all, about 25% over the regular premium. This is a whole-house rental. I do need to go through it with a fine-tooth comb before we actually start renting to make sure the coverages are all there.

ETA: The total annual policy is $1400 and change.