Gamers and tv settings/cables

Hey all-
We tend to host young couples, and for the second time in a few months our wonderful house cleaner called to let us know our TV seems to be out of order. I rushed over and the last couple were likely gamers- all the settings and cables/plugs were changed around. Same situation as before and it took some time to sort it out.

Sighhhh, anyone run into the same issue?

Yes. And we live 4,000 miles from our property.

I finally got smart and bought several colors of electrical tape. I color-coded the cables and connections so our housekeeper can match them back up. And I left directions (“blue tape is the Blu Ray player and goes into HDMI 2 on the preamplifier”).


That’s such a fantastic idea!! Definitely doing this asap, thanks @PitonView


Didn’t run into the issue, but I expected that guests would want to plug in either laptops or game consoles, so I provided an HDMI cable plugged into the “Game” input on the TV and with a label on the end that says “PC/Game” and I made sure the power strip with unused power outlets on it was very easy to see. I also zip-tied the TV end of the cable to the TV wall-mount so that pulling on the cable would not put a strain on the TV connectors.

If they moved a bunch of cables, I can only assume they were looking for the game input, which is a low-latency input that doesn’t have overscan or video/audio processing and is designed for computers and gaming consoles. If your TV needs to some menu setup to use it, it might be worth adding to the house manual.

If the only problem is the time to get it sorted out, you could label the ends of the cables that plug into the TV to match the labels on the TV ports that they plug into. That would make it quick and easy to restore if somebody moves the cables around.


A label maker will eliminate the need to provide directions to the housekeeper.


It’s hard to fit labels on the back of the equipment or the sides of the cords. I have a pre/pro and a separate amplifier as well as a subwoofer amplifier so there are a LOT of cables and connections. That’s why I decided to color code. I put a little piece of the appropriate color tape right above/below the connection port. I didn’t make that clear on my first post. So it’s color-matching instead of label matching.

And the instructions are in the TV troubleshooting book for everyone, not just the housekeeper.


Wrap the label around the cable and stick it to itself and it makes a little flag that doesn’t fall off. Here’s an example of the cables on the back of my computer.


It’s ugly and not really something you’d want to be visible, though. Pros use labels that zip-tie to the cables like this:

They’re just as ugly, but a lot more durable, but then you have to write very neatly on them or use a label maker to make the text readable.

Anyway, if you write on the label exactly what on the connector’s label on the TV (or other equipment) then there’s no need for directions. I bet your color-coding still looks better, though.

Honestly, for a system like yours (I have something similar in my own home), the only directions I would provide regarding the cables are “DO NOT TOUCH!” just because of the risk of damage to the amps and speakers. :upside_down_face:


I do likewise for all entertainment and computer cables. Colored stick on dots reinforced with clear tape.


I’ve been doing this since the 90s. my flatmate was an electrician and had the most impressive TV set up with an amp and 4-6 speakers, and stereo system etc, and he labelled everything. Done it ever since. my girls use washi tape (the pretty paper tape you find in craft shops) to identify their phone chargers etc. you can actually also buy cord tags to do this job too, but tape is cheap and you aren’t filliing Bezos coffers by buying more plastic.

exactly like that! and i have nice handwriting so no need to whip out the label maker (but I do also own one ! pre-washi tape it was in regular use).


I do this too. I don’t know where my mind was-I didn’t label it but so far people have found it. Labeling it now.

All homes need a supply of duct tape & zip ties. It is amazing what you can fix with those.

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My Mexican mechanic fixed my broken steering linkage with a zip tie. Lasted 6 years.

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This is such a good idea, I’m going to use this to label iPhone cables that we leave for guests’ use but which periodically get taken, accidentally or otherwise.

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i just write our farm name on extension cords, chargers etc. in sharpie. a label can be removed.


I had labels made which says do not attach gaming consoles. Draconian I know but it is beneath a cliff with wifi that the installing engineer was convinced would not work. The slightest thing knocks it out and I live in a different country! In the description I say if you cannot live without your gaming console this is not the place fir you.

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oh the timing! just had a group complain they couldn’t get the hmdi to work to connect their Switch… and I had to get my teen to jump into chat to do a little tech support. But seriously that is not our issue, if they bring their own console they need to know how to make it connect without my help.

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