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On my local Airbnb forum a moderator posted a link to

A host, Lisa, had changed her Airbnb name to Karen back in 2017.

Bnbvestor had a picture of her, her real name, and all the money she’d made from her listing this year plus other info that she might prefer remain private.

Good luck out there.

Wow. Where do they get all that info?

I just learned that my ex husband has been snooping on my listings. I haven’t seen him in 5 years.


I looked at bnbvestor link and facebook page, I guess you have to join to get the detailed info? So I’m thinking they scrape Airbnb, like Airdna, but what do they mean by “regular rentals”? Long term rentals? Traditional B&Bs? Can’t be hotels, the revenue figure is too low. So next they get some industry data and some property record data and glom it together and charge for it. I looked at their facebook page and it’s full of very obvious suggestions. They offer classes, of course. And to think, I provided much the same info in a 2.5 hour local adult ed class that the public school department paid me $65 for!! And anyone can figure out a cap rate by looking at local Airbnb listings, Hotpads or other LTR local listings, and property cost. Odd that it seems to be totally Airbnb focused and ignores other platforms; is this a subsidiary of Airbnb haha!

For all the other websites that list your real name, address etc and other private info, there is an OPT OUT method. Some of them you have to do it by snail mail or fax even but there should be a way to opt out.

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Wow! :astonished:
Thank god I’m in Europe.
This isn’t legal here. You would have to give your consent and obviously we won’t.
I can’t log in as I’m not interested in paying 99 per month to look but I assume they don’t have this detailed info from the EU countries.

Doing business in the US often reminds of the Wild West. No rules, do as you please. Eat or be eaten. Don’t mind consumers rights or ethics, just make a buck at almost any costs.

That said I truly love Airbnb and what it has done for me so not all bad things comes from corporate America.


Yeah, I guess one would have to join. The site didn’t even list the home I manage.

I looked at the bnbvestor site. What I can of my own listing seems to be gleaned from Airbnb. The location isn’t exact; it appears to be at the middle of the circle that Airbnb shows on their map. The same for nearby listings. The pricing also isn’t exact. Not sure where it comes from. Maybe averaged. The long-term rental info is outdated by over a year in some cases. It’s not clear if I could see more if I paid for a subscription. The terminology and user interface and lack of help make it impossible for me to use.

No idea. I assume it’s publicly available in some way?

Or someone is selling our info. Because capitalism.

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Creepy. :frowning:

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Doesn’t Airdna have some similar data?

Do we have the same Ex-husband? I’m sure we don’t but mine snoops too. Shame they don’t better things to do.

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Totally agree. Privacy is so important, but annoying to big tech. Thank goodness for Europe

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