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Further to the "self entitled" guests!

I just had an inquiry that asked if they could check in late the night before or early, early the morning of their potential check in date. I replied that we could possibly work something out, but it would depend on the previous guests and the housekeeping schedule.
He replied that since there was no reservations prior to his request date (which is for July), he didn’t understand the problem! But, could he then ask if he booked for the previous night, could he get a credit on one night on the end of his stay?
So, basically he is asking for a free night! Good luck with that! Maybe he should try to get away with that at a hotel and see how it works for him!


This is the kind of guest I’m very polite to. After a few hours I block their dates. If they message me about it I say I got another reservation for their date. Good luck and have a nice trip.


“In order to meet income and expense parameters established by our investment group, regrettably we cannot entertain comp requests for nights or day segments. Thank you for your understanding. I’m sure you’ll be able to find alternate accommodation within your budget range in the area, and wish you safe travels.”

Drop mic.


Looks like you have this guy dialled in as a RED FLAG and good on you. The guest we all want to avoid.


Some people are just too much trouble. When I get the tired & grouchies, I wish I could reply, “my home, my rental, my rules are why I can’t accommodate this request”. It’s Kind of the host equivalent of, “ because I’m the mom and I said so!”

Yes I know it’s not very customer service oriented. That’s why I think about saying it but don’t do it.


My short form answer which basically means the same is “I’m sorry I am not willing to do that.” I add the rest in my head, lol


@mica555 squirrel moment—is your pic 3 Abyssinians? Love those ears

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They’re oriental shorthairs. They’re awesome cats. Mick, Mack, and Jack Black


That’s when you should go back to the calendar and block the days that he wants. He sounds like trouble!


ooohhh, I hadn’t noticed either. Those are some beauties.

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Bullet dodged! No way would we host them.


That’s why I stopped saying “can’t”. “Won’t” or “Don’t” make for a much shorter conversation. And “That’s our policy and we don’t violate it” is the professional way to say “My house, my rules”


Continuing squirrel moment: I’m in awe of the names. Do you call Mick, Mack by mistake sometimes?

My rescue dogs came to me prenamed; Ricky & Rocky. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called one by the wrong name and it’s devolved into, “you-dog NO. Oh hell, both of you NO BARK”


All the friggin time. I kind of regret my choice :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hey, I used to do that with my kids. And their names aren’t even slightly similar. They’d look at me with a pitying expression and say, "Mom, I’m__, not ___. At least the animals don’t make you feel stupid :slight_smile:


My mother and her Yorkshire Terrier. Often heard her calling it by my name…and I would point out that there was a massive height difference, the dogs face was furry and i had 2 legs, not 4.


I’ve called my son by my husband’s name and vice versa!


I had this happen once and offered to allow it if the guest payed for a pro-rated day. Only then would I block the date so that the early check-in could be guaranteed.

It just happened to me this morning, and I’m not even bloody open!

“My wife and I want to get out of London for the Bank Holiday weekend. Can we check in at 10am and leave checking out until 2 pm?”.

I enjoyed telling them that I was closed; we are a B&B, which is in the title and not a self contained unit.


If I don’t want someone on a day that I haven’t blocked and I just say that I have family visiting unexpectedly.

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