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Funny story/stolen painting

You’re lucky to have cleaners that noticed a painting was missing…


I would have loved a phone call. You’re definitely thinking more than they did.

I did want them to take the painting home, but it was the painting “on the other side.” But I’ll do some dummy-proofing asap. I like everyone’s suggestions for different wording.

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I agree with every word you’ve typed. I’ve already ordered new postcards that say “Welcome to our home. Please turn this card over and accept this print as our gift to you. It frames beautifully. We hope you enjoy your stay.” The “turn this card over” might have been overkill; but, hey, why not be uber specific.

Your review is a great suggestion. Thank you.

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I don’t know if they were confused or not it’s definitely a confusing card, at least to me. I’d walk around looking for the painting that was shown on the back of the card!


I think it’s still confusing. Why not just say “Welcome to our home. Enjoy your stay and this complimentary postcard, a print of one if our original artworks.”

It will be obvious that the guest can frame it if they wish. The print may or may not be to an individual guest’s taste, and I don’t think a postcard rises to the level of a “gift,” which term may be contributing to any confusion.

I would add info on direct booking (or just your Airbnb title and property # if you’re not into direct bookings), and treat it as an advert to encourage return visits.


See, the postcard isn’t the painting. That’s the issue here. Reprint the postcards ASAP. Your use of language is confusing. And your art is lovely.

We all know that with guests, there is no such thing as overkill! :wink:



I totally agree. Telling guests it’s frameable comes across as condescending and narcissistic.

It’s like givng someone a photo of yourself and saying “You can frame it if you like”. Very weird. (Sounds like something the former US pres would do)

I’m sure if guests like it enough to frame it they can figure that out for themselves. And all the guests may not find your art to their taste.


They can throw it in the trash for all I care. I simply wanted to offer something that was not offered at every other Airbnb. It doesn’t hurt my feelings if they completely hate it. That’s cool too. Each to their own.

That’s why the first card had “if you so choose.” It’s really no skin off my back either way. Keep it or trash it.

But thanks for your opinion. The world would be boring if we all thought the same way.

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I agree with the others who mentioned that the message in the postcard is not clear. Instead, I would have written “please keep this card with the image of one of my paintings as a memento of your stay”.


I wasn’t insinuating that you were actually condescending or full of yourself, sorry you took it that way, just that it is how the wording comes across. Just as you didn’t realize that anyone could read the wording as meaning they could have a painting, and referred to a postcard print as a painting.

Some people are just not as good at coming up with clear wording that can’t be taken the wrong way as others. Which is why hosts ask for feedback from other hosts on forums for review wording, response wording, and listing wording.

We can’t all be good at everything- painting is obviously your forte, predicting how others might interpret the written word may not be.

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I actually appreciate your opinion as well as the others that have posted. That’s the point of this forum. Even if one guest thinks they can remove a painting off my wall, then I need to take measures to make certain it doesn’t happen again by rewording the card. The suggestion to frame it wasn’t about the art being pretty; it was about the high-quality scan that was used to make the print and that it was framable as opposed to some bad copy on a copy machine. Art is completely subjective, and I understand that.

I think others’ suggestions for rewording the card are good. I’ll marry the best parts of people’s ideas/verbiage and make some edits to the Vistaprint cart. Thanks again.

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You already got all the great advice you are going to get - I’ll simply agree with the others, and yep - time to change the verbiage on the card.
Totally agree that there is No Way a guest thought that they can take any painting they like. If it was us, they would have earned a NO for would you host again and perhaps deducted star(s) also. Glad it worked out OK in the end.


I agree with this 100%! I like the term “memento” as @MissMiami said.


I’m unequivocally going to click would not host again. I’m still marinating on the review. I have to review him Friday before midnight. Thanks for the thoughts.

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That is what I understood. If you spent the extra money to do a quality print, it makes sense to point it out.

I’m not sure why, on one hand, that most hosts are agreeing that the guests thieved the painting and, then on the other hand, are also suggesting that there was something wrong with your note on the print. It wasn’t even the same painting that was on the print. The guests were schemers and thieves and they can’t blame it on a note on a free print.

No one else can either. It’s not reasonable. Even if you wanted to say that is confusing, you would only be confused for one second. You’re not going to take a painting, because no one is that stupid. It’s no different than taking a pillow or a chair or a statue with you. The guests weren’t confused. They were just thieves.

I agree with changing painting to print but only because it sounds more professional. Not because you need to worry about anyone else stealing a painting.


I love your paintings and the card (with clearer wording as all have suggested) is a great idea. But was this true? The cleaning crew was going to call 911? I giggled when I saw that because I thought you were being funny but this whole thread got “un-funny” pretty quickly so I MUST know. Surely I’ve misunderstood the story the way the thieves or fools (I fall on the side of foolish thieves :joy:) claim to have misunderstood the postcard??!??!

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I think that it’s sort of an exercise in futility to try to figure out why guests do some of the bizarre things they do. I read a post where the host found the lightbulb in the fridge unscrewed. Another host found a missing lamp she assumed the guest had stolen, stuffed in the back of a closet, behind a pile of extra blankets.

It’s like trying to make sense of people who refuse to get vaccinated because they don’t trust what might be in the vaccine, yet advise each other to take other pharmaceuticals that they also don’t have a clue about, like horse dewormers and industrial strength bleach.

What goes through some peoples’ minds is unfathomable. Even if they explain to you why they did something, it still makes no sense to anyone but them.


Speaking for myself, I don’t think the wording on the postcard needs to be changed because tons or even one other guest is going to assume it means they can help themselves to a painting off the wall, but simply because it’s awkward and inaccurate wording.

The incident was so weird, I really don’t have a strong opinion on whether the guest intended to steal the painting or just misconstrued the postcard wording.

That he apologized and said he misunderstood and shipped it right back seems like it wasn’t intentional theft, because guests who actually steal things intentionally don’t usually respond at all to a message about it from the host. Or they might say, “Oh yeah, I packed that charger by accident, I’ll mail it back” and then never do. It’s not like this guest thought the missing painting would never be noticed, like some guests steal towels, not realizing they get counted, or assuming the host won’t bother to claim for missing towels.

But really, only the guest knows what went through their mind.

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Don’t forget my tomatoes under the ottoman. :rofl:


I personally would not mention “the stolen art.” They’re innocent until proven guilty. Many of us thought your wording on the postcard was confusing.

I’m assuming that they were young. Older folks would know that the wording was confusing and it didn’t mean “take the painting as a gift” but younger folks innocently could have thought it meant “take it.” Young folks lack common sense. I teach high school and I’m always amazed at the foolish things kids do, not out of malice but from lack of common sense.

I would not mention it on the review. I would just say something vague like “There was a misunderstanding that was quickly cleared up.”

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