Funny Story, I Think

Sort of a funny coincidence: We had a guest arrive a day before his check-in, to our surprise. Luckily our current guests left a day early, only 30 minutes before he arrived.

We got paid by both guests for the same night, so that made a potentially very awkward situation more lucrative.

Anyone else have any near awkward moments like that?





How did you get paid for the day early?

I’ve had a number of lucky things that have happened but nothing particular funny or this close a call. The occasional (for me about once a year) double payment is always nice.

I was being mildly facetious.

Like I said, a rather awkward moment was avoided serendipitously.

As an American, I don’t get to use that word often.



We once had a guest roll up that we were not expecting. All looked in order with their booking confirmation and none of us could figure out why they were not in our system. We finally realised they had booked for the following year by accident! Unfortunately we were booked out but able to help them find an alternate place and of course let them cancel without penalty - haha. Lisa

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A friend of ours checked in guests thinking they looked a bit different to their profile photo. Not long afterwards the actual guest called to say they were not far away. The guests in her place were actually meant to be two doors down!

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Love it! No harm done and not likely to ever happen again.

We had a woman arrive a day early when the appropriate guest was standing right in front of us checking in. I gently ushered her into the other room out of earshot, explained her mistake (which she checked on her phone and confirmed sheepishly), and fortunately offered her another room. Miraculously it was clean and vacant that night. Sadly, no rave review for our flexibility. She was probably too embarrassed.

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We’ve had a few close calls. Sometime guests forget to check-out. Another guest once wanted to check-in at 1 am, but didn’t book that night because he was technically checking in the next day. I needed to explain to him that had I not read btwn the lines in his messages, we and potentially others guests would have been woken up at 1 a.m. with him ringing the doorbell.

Luckily, we don’t have too many of these situations, which is a bit surprising how busy we can get.

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I remind my guests the night before, asking them to text me when they are leaving and I will come out and say goodbye.
I also contact the new guest and ask them their eta. So I hope that doesn’t happen. I did have a guest think she had booked for a third night when it was actually her check out date highlighted in the picture she had been going by. I was available but they didn’t want to pay more.

I wondered same… most likely by a different STR provider.

We were paid in cash. The errant guest insisted in paying for the extra night.

We list on misterb&b, also, but the only successful reservation we’ve ever gotten was when I asked a returning Airbnb guest to book via misterb&b so I could see how the process worked.