Funny story about confused sweet couple

Just felt like sharing this week’s guest story I found funny. This nice couple on a road trip booked my place for two nights. Guy arrives the afternoon of the day before check-in and proudly sends a picture asking if he parked in the right spot. The listing only has street parking, not on-premises where he parked, so I had to tell him hastily to move his car lest the neighbors should have it towed, and also reminded him that his check-in is tomorrow, not today. And, as I was going to do any moment anyway, pointed him to my “Check-in details” that has detailed check-in instructions including parking. Guy very politely apologized saying he got confused about the dates. He checked in next day smoothly, thanked me sweetly, and appeared to have dutifully mastered the intricacies of street parking by then.

Today morning, just after one night, I happened to notice that they packed their suitcases and left, as if they are not coming back. No reason to think they left because they were upset about anything.

I think he was just so confused about the dates that they were probably already moving on to their next stay that they probably booked overlapping with this one because of his confusion. He hasn’t responded to my usual first-morning-after checking-in message, and hasn’t said anything to me at all after check-in nor has asked me for a refund for the seemingly unused second day, presumably because of the Strict policy, but more likely because it’s probably just embarrassing to come across as being so thoroughly confused about the hotel stay dates you booked. :sweat_smile: I wonder how many more stays they have left in their road trip and am rolling on the floor laughing wondering if they booked every single subsequent stay a day off because of the cascading first mistake. :joy:

Tell me some of your funny ones?

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My daughter and son-in-law did that at a Bed and Breakfast. They arrived, registered at the desk, were shown to their room, showered, and then were relaxing in the common area when the owner/manager, who had been out, came up to them and told them there must be a misunderstanding, because they had another reservation for that room that afternoon and they had no other vacancy. My son-in-law looked at his reservation and realized he had made it for July, not June. He had the day right, but had entered the wrong month.

They felt pretty stupid, apologized for showering and using the towels, packed up and left.

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I was a flight attendant for 20 years. One layover I went to my hotel room, maid had just finished cleaning and she let me in.

I showered, put pajamas on, washed my support hose and uniform top. Draped it all over the shower rod to dry. I got cozy in bed and turned on TV.

All of a sudden I heard someone using a key to open the door. I jumped up and went to the door.

I was in the wrong room! I looked at my key and checked the door number. Sure enough, my room was across the hall. I was so embarrassed!


Miraculously I have only had one person come on the wrong day. She waltzed in just as I was checking a young man into the room that she was supposed to have the next day. Thankfully I had a vacant room and just said “Come with me” and took her upstairs. When we were out of earshot of the first guests I pointed out the issue and she checked her phone and admitted her error. She was very pleased that I could accommodate her.