Funny guest misunderstandings

I thought I might start a funny thread.

My current guest is from India. His second evening here, he asked me if I had a toaster he could use in the morning. I said yes, and pointed to the cupboard the toaster is kept in.

The next morning I come downstairs to find that he had made toast with the George Foreman grill I keep in the same cupboard…

Anyone with similar stories to share?


There was another host who told her guest that check-out time was at 11 am and the guest asked if it was OK to leave much earlier than that as she had a plane to catch.


I’ve had that too :slight_smile:

I think that one of my best was the guest who understood that guests should ‘leave a review’, He did. On paper. In the apartment. Complete with five little drawn stars :slight_smile:


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He might have been toasting chapati or naan in which case a grill is much better than a toaster when available. I use my sandwich grill to toast Naan bread.

Nope, it was definitely toast!

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