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Funny booking request

I was just had a guest request that they are travelling with their parrot and would that be ok?

I am now looking forward to meeting the parrot.

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So bizzare. I had a funny one last week. Group of six from Toronto, driiving to New York. “Oh, we forgot to tell you that we’re bringing a rabbit. He is not smelly and will not make any mess. We can keep him in the cage if you like”. ME NO LIKE. I told them to leave the rabbit at home and if they can’t, they could cancel.

I wouldn’t mind having well-behaved dogs, my only concern is that the dog would be left alone all day, and by barking or making other noises for extended periods, it would annoy others.

Let us know how it goes with the parrot!! They can be loud, but beautiful, too.

@superhostnyc rabbits ARE smelly! You can clean their cage and a day later it REEKS! We have rabbit sat many and they are just stinky things!

Once I asked a host if I could bring my rats for a few hours to her house. I was bringing them to another town for a medical procedure and she was fine with it. I am sure she thought I was crazy. Since then I have stayed with her a couple times and even got her to come visit a pet expo I was at and meet some rats and other fuzzy creatures. Her and her husband were great and anytime I am in town I stay with them

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Um … what do parrots do as regards their bathroom habits? I mean, they don’t have litter trays do they? Or do they? I know someone who has a pet bird and the ‘evidence’ is often found on sofas etc.

Ew!!! They stay in a cage usually and drop in the bottom of the cage.

Great point, though, Shanghai should stipulate the parrot has to stay in the cage!

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The parrot would be staying in a cage. They didn’t go ahead with the booking so I won’t get to meet this well travelled parrot.

Interesting request. I love parrots and was involved with them for many years. MIGHT consider allowing one – in a cage – in spite of our very prevelant NO PETS rule.

I would cancel/refuse the “forgot to tell you we’re bringing a rabbit folks”. If you can’t read our up front NO PETS statement, you can’t stay in our place.

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