Funniest Inquiry Ever from a Perspective Guest!

I dont find that funny-- i find it sad that you dont appreciate good old fashioned manners-- usually English culture.
clearly-- she was concerned about waking you.

Theres no need to be nasty towards whats obviously a sweet girl trying not to disturb you - or put you out.
Cultures differences - your going to find good manner odd/ funny strange.

having had people stay that are not from the same background and upbringing of good manners-- i know whom id prefer.


Americans are often quite america-centric … like …Do you have a US phone number??? Im in DENMARK!!!
Do you have US power … Yes I by it by the liter and have it sitting in the fridge …


My experience is that if people have too many questions before they arrive or before they even book - they are going to be trouble! IF they start out as trouble… they will keep on being trouble and saying no to them right off is the best way to go…


So funny you should say that - just in the last hour I got the following request:

"Hello my name is XXXXXX and i was interested in your house but kind of scared at the same time i dont want this to be a scam. This website was refer to me "

Just to see what would happen I wrote back a polite note saying that this is a legit business, we welcome people into our home, and that if they want more information it’s better to go to the Airbnb website instead of using the app. I also stress that we had house rules that are very specific. The response?

“So how does this work”

Decline! Can you image how many hours this person is going to need before they have even a rudimentary understanding of the Airbnb system?

I wrote back that it wasn’t a good fit and that they needed to read more information on the Airbnb website. So after I’ve declined, I get one final message:

“I was asking because i didnt know if it was a scam or not before i pay”

Well that clinched it… since you caught me I will now confess that it really is a scam. Sadly, this person probably will now think it is because I doubt they will have much luck finding a place.


You should have told him to go check out craigslist for rentals because there are no scams on Craigslist! :smiley:


My funny/not funny inquiry was from a guest who asked to stay in my guest room with her dog (and I don’t allow pets); wanted to see the house prior to booking (a TOS violation); needed the house to be quiet at 8 PM so she could meditate (I have a "quite after 10 PM policy); and the final straw… wanted to pay outside of Airbnb. Really??? Oh, and the kicker… the recent (and only) review was from another host who stated that “…she broke every rule,” and that they “were relieved when she finally left!”

I am so grateful that that host posted such an honest review! I tried to look up the guest, but I think she may have dropped out of Airbnb, or has another profile, because our correspondence doesn’t exist anymore.


I have had a few people attempt to book for someone else. I do not allow it because AirBnB does the verifications for me, and if it is for someone else, than I have less security from my guest.

I host a private room. I received an inquiry last year that was longer that a Marcel Proust novel. Here are some quotes:

I’d like to know something more about apartment and the zone and public transport.
We would like to spend our little journey without trouble or bad surprise and your flat seems very good:
we like to find clean room and good furnished, bath towels, hot water and warm climate into the house. [Me: I also like breathable air, drinkable water and disease-free sanitation.]
I had not experience of shared flat before, but you’re descriptions are so nice and curious!
So i said myself: why can’t we try?! [Me: Yes, I wonder, why?]
We will have key to get in and out apartment, I suppose.
Perhaps there is possibility to change double beds in two single beds? [Me: *muffled screams*]
My husband is a bit worried by having to share the bathroom. [Me: *muffled screams*]

[Then asking me for advice on every single day, writing what they planned, the hour they plan on leaving and returning to the house.]

And now something about me: I work in[…] and my husband too (we are not married, for truth, but I don’t think it 's a problem…) [?!?]
I trust in respect and honesty, I think life is one and only one, and there is no reason to waste any minute of it.
Trips, music, books, movies, good food and good drink are joy of life (without excess…)
I think the sun is always shining behind the clouds. [me: *thunderstorm at the horizon*]

It might have been the perfect guest for someone else, but never before have I declined someone so quickly (echoing the desire of not" wasting any minute"). They were visibly afraid at the thought of doing something they didn’t want to do, but proceeded to try it anyway.


This one cracked me up:


Hi, Just wondering what the name of this hotel is please? Thank you in advanced.


Hi, This is not a hotel. It is a building of small apartments that are mostly rented by students. There are some owners that live there as well. Please let me know if you have other questions. Regards


Okay no worries. I was more after a hotel I think. Thanks

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Yes that’s right. It;s definitely good manners here and very much the norm. Some guests even give a hug as they are leaving. Does that happen in the USA ?

I like the conversation you posted, including your thoughts. Perhaps you should contemplate writing a novel, too.

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Yes, Anthony, it does. But do you realize asking that question is like asking a blanket statement like “does that happen in Europe?” The USA is HUGE and has 50 states, each with different governments, customs, accents and idiosyncrasies. I was born in Canada but have lived in the USA for 46 years. I have visited EVERY state in this country and each is very different from the next, similar to every country in Europe being different than the next. I can’t imagine a Swiss host hugging a guest. But I can imagine a Slovenian host hugging a guest.


That was indeed hilarious! But I agree with you completely. I would have turned them down in no time flat!!

Reminds me of this Monty Python sketch:

I’ve had guests leaving a day or two early, say because they found a flat where to live the rest of their 6 months in the city, and sound rather apologetic about not staying the full reservation.

I once had a guest (Indonesian) who after checking in to his room, getting ready and stuff after an hour knocks at my door to say, ‘hi Sir, I’m going out now, okay?’