Full service hosting, lol

I’ve been a host for over 12 years and today was a first. We have a young woman who has stayed here a couple weeks. She’s sweet and obviously on her own with no family. Today was her birthday. She asked if I could French braid her hair? I haven’t done that in 30 years, but I said sure and she she looked lovely for a little celebration with a friend. The strange little things we all do for guests could fill a book.


How sweet. Good thing she didn’t ask me- I tried a couple times when my daughters asked me when they were young- although I am good with my hands with most stuff, for some reason I am terrible at trying to do anything but the most basic of 3 strand braids.

However, I have done minor clothing repairs for guests.

That’s really pretty cool.

That’s so sweet. I hope she had a lovely birthday.

I think that’s next - just put black thread in my machine to fix a strap for her. My daughter is complaining that we have a new daughter, lol


That’s so sweet of you! I can barely French braid people’s hair but can do my own easily enough.

that is super adorable!
and @muddy I am actually shocked that you can’t braid hair. I have this whole persona of you built up, that includes a fair dose of hippy, plus mom to daughters, and doing a braid should be in your repertoire