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Free Photography Helps A Ton!

I’ve been taking advantage of the free photography sessions to help advertise my place. I found that when I posted my own photos taken from my iphone, I wasn’t getting much traction (maybe I’m a bad photographer!), but after I booked the photographer to get professional, edited photos, I started getting more responses. Definitely something that’s nice to take advantage of that gets me more guests and I don’t have to pay for!

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I agree! If you go to the photo section i believe you can request directly from there. Airbnb offers professional photos for free to hosts. It really does help showcase the space and drive more people to bookings when they see quality photographs. Its awesome that they offer this service!

I don’t understand your post @brook2adks

OH I get it now haha they are the same person…

Thats a bit sad - or is it coincidental?

Hey Kirsty. Just looked at your avatar - the kiwi. Mine is the kookaburra. Greetings to NZ!

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