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Free customized alerts web-app for your booking calendar let's you choose when to get notified of guest arrival



Mycalendaralerts dot com is a web-app my husband wrote that allows vacation rental hosts to set customized alerts policies. We are currently offering free accounts to a limited number of beta testers prior to launching as a fee based service. My husband and I have been superhosts in Phoenix, AZ since early 2016. Early on in hosting, we noticed that the timing of the automated guest arrival notification from Airbnb 3 days prior to check-in did not work for us. Using the web-app, we get our guest arrival alerts via text the morning of arrival, so we can send the code first thing and put our guests at ease about getting into the property. Our cleaning service also gets alerts at the time she specifies that works for her to schedule service. There is even a function that updates our cleaner when the calendar changes. I spend about 80% less time looking at the app to be sure of the schedule and communicating schedule changes with our cleaner. I love saving time and having the alerts ensure a smooth and timely communication experience with our valued cleaning person and guests. We have been using and tweaking the app for almost a year and are currently in beta test mode, so we are still offering the service for free.


I would be careful about relying on same day text alerts for check in details.

Guests can travel long distances overseas and don’t always have access to their phone on arrival, so wouldn’t be able to access a same day message.


Thanks Helsi! That’s a good point, we would never want to leave a guest scrambling for the code on the day of check in. Mycalendaralerts dot com allows for the host to customize when they will receive alerts, so they can choose what works for their own welcoming and check in process with guests. The app offers the ability to set up alert policies, which the Airbnb site does not provide. Alert policies apply to every event and you can set up as many of them as desired for each event. We are saving time keeping track of our calendar by using the app to smoothly automate a lot of tasks that previously required our dedicated attention. :smiley:


I like the idea some Hosts use of making the code be the last 4 or 5 digits of the booker’s phone number. You can easily state that to a Guest when they book and then activate it right before check in. The Guest will remember their number.


We like the idea of that practice too. Alert polices is a new feature that allows you to automate the process of checking your Airbnb booking calendar. Airbnb currently sends a notification of guest arrival 3 days prior to check-in. Mycalendaralerts dot com lets users decide when they, their cleaning service or any other support staff will receive custom alerts at the time they choose.


@Teri-and-Doug Doug and Teri you now have posted multiple times and have created two profiles, one under this name and one as mycalendaralerts. I’m going to remove that one but if you don’t quit spamming the forum I’ll remove all of them and do my darnest to keep you from posting again.

I allowed these on the chance that you are offering something helpful to our members but this is not the proper forum for blatant, non-stop self promotion.



We regret to have caused a negative reaction. As hosts ourselves, we did not find Airbnb’s timing for notifications of guest arrival set to 3 days prior useful. We created an app to let us customize when we and our cleaning service get alerts related to bookings. This is making our guest and cleaning service provider communications more reliable while saving us hours per month. We are offering the use of the app for free to get beta tester feedback. I believe my husband just created another account emulating turnoverbnb. It is not our intent to engage in non-stop self promotion, so we apologize for the miscommunication.


Why would the self check in notice Airbnb provides not work for you? (I think it’s actual 48 hours BTW).

Unlike your system you don’t have to wait for an alert to remind you on the morning of check in, that you have to send a code, when you might be busy doing other stuff. It’s all automated, so I don’t have to do a thing.

Good luck with your business but if you want people to pay you for the app, you will need to show how you are better/different that other companies offering similar functionality.


Thank you! We don’t need spammers here!


We got off on the wrong foot. We are a family of 3 with an Airbnb since 2016. Doug created an app that saves us time. We are offering it for free. We literally just started looking for beta testers to use the service for free that Doug made in his free time. We are not spammers. Have a nice evening everyone!

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