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Found out our space isn't eligible for local bnb license

Do most airbnb hosts get the local license? As we want to provide a coffee maker and mini fridge, and our suite is in a basement, we dont qualify. What might the implications be?

What does your listing require to qualify?

Doing AirBnb stritly, you aren’t “real” Bed & Breakfast. You are a Home Stay. Does that require licensing in your area? Two different things…

The only thing you can do is talk to your town or planning department about requirements and regulations. You can start a group to try to change things. Or you can keep quiet and keep your fingers crossed that you are not reported, fined and / or closed down.
These are issues that are being dealt with all over the world. Your situation is far from unique.
Get involved. Learn what is happening and become a catalyst for change.
The “glitch” here in our town for many listings is that the regulations require all parking " in the back" which is impossible for many homes - thus no license.

In our town it is NOT Two Different Things, so it depends upon where a house is located.

Check what do you need to make legal or take the risk…

In my area there is no license required to rent out vacation rental. One only needs to begin collecting lodging tax and remitting every month.

I believe in my area, in order to be able to cook full breakfast like omelettes, etc. - then your home would need to pass inspection for a commercial kitchen. Not exactly sure - but something like that.

Right… You are renting a room in your home, not running an BnB with a kitchen and everything… Maid service and all that. Big difference.

Here in Kona Hawaii you only need a tax license to collect and remit taxes. But other parts of Hawaii such as Oahu and Kauai have much more strict rules.

the bureaucrats may have misunderstood you when you asked. I would just proceed. But that.s me. :smile:

For us in Sweden we can do all place and no need of licence. Only if we start to offer meal (we need pass inspection of hygien)

In my town you can not rent out a room in your home without a b&b license. So it always depends upon local zoning ordinances.

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From my experience most hosts do not get a B&B license. But this was an issue for us in Michigan. You need to look up what is your state or local ordinance that DEFINES Bed and Breakfast. In our case the local government was considering to classify us as a B & B but the State definition said specifically that at a B & B breakfasts are SERVED. Well we did not serve anything. We do offer our guest appliances such as a Keurig coffee machine, toaster, microwave and mini fridge. We do leave our guests bagels, sparkling waters, K cups, and a bottle of wine. But we do not serve them anything. It is offered but not served by use. We never go into our guests private area at all. And we went to court on this issue and won. So you in your home may not be legally designated a Bed & Breakfast. Don’t be bullied.



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