Found neighbors amazon envelops at Bnb entrance

My bnb entrance is downstairs and quite a distance from my next door neighbors house with a fence between us. Upon my guests departure, I went to clean and found several of my neighbors amazon envelops on a table just outside the front door access. Absolutely no possible chance this was delivered there by mistake.

And then what happened?

Nothing. I want to big deal this but wife says no. Thoughts?

What do you think happened?

To whom? If you think Airbnb cares I can assure you they do not. If you think the delivery service cares, report it to them. If you think the neighbor cares, report it to them.

Do you live on site? I suggest you get a video doorbell camera or other CCTV system on the exterior of your Airbnb so you can monitor your guests.


Were the packages opened? What do you think happened?


If this happened to me I would stay out of it. It doesn’t prove your guests did anything wrong. What would you do about it anyway?

Yeah- were they opened?? Thats an important detail that is missing.