Foreign Language Reviews Pushed to the Back!

Oh! I’m stomping my feet like a three year old!!!

I have been glancing at my reviews and wondering “where are my reviewes”? August was packed with Germans. ; ) I just took time to look and any reviews in a foreign language are pushed to the back of the stack.

Anyone else have this?! I felt like the mix of languages was cool and would be appealing to my largest customer base - foreigners!

Maybe it depends what language your browser/ site settings are on? So theoretically Germans browsing the Airbnb site in German would see German reviews first.

How about yours? I wonder how the languages are sorted for others?

Can’t say, on my phone app and in any event I use Airbnb in English

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As @hypertokyo said, reviews in your profile language are displayed first, then reviews in other languages are displayed “the most recent first”. I think it’s more helpful this way for users who do not speak english :slight_smile:

Did you switch to German (bottom of page) and tried again?

Hmmm… For us the reviews are just in date order regardless of language. Most are in English but some in Malay, German, Italian etc.

Oh, ok, that’s kinda cool!

And when I go through hosting/reviews they are in date order. It was pleasant for my husband and I do go through the list and remember them one-by-one, having mostly pleasant memories.

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Really? Even on your listing? Interesting.

Yes. You got me intrigued so I logged out and then searched for our listing so I’d see it how a guest would - it would seem that language makes no difference to the order that reviews appear.

My reviews are English first, foreign languages in the back. But some random ones from people from the UK are in the back too. It makes no sense.

My reviews are in the order posted. I only have two in a foreign language.