Foreign guests don't understand cleaning fee

I have foreign guests from china who do not understand the cleaning fee. They expect me to clean the room and change linens for them Everyday! I tried google and came up nothing that would explain what the cleaning fee is for. Please help!

Nothing came up because each host uses their cleaning fee differently. Mine pays for the following:

2 clean towels
Clean bedding (all linens, robes and towels are laundered at the laundrette)
Clean robes
Clean room and bathroom on check in plus ongoing cleaning during their stay.

Linens and towels are changed every 5 days. But since that’s the maximum stay at my place I obviously never have to deal with refreshing linens. I would change them every five days if I took longer bookings.

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I already put in my description for free cleaning. Do I need to be more specific and the cleaning fee?
The fee is for room cleaning after each guest visits.
Cleaning Service
FREE Weekly Cleaning : If you stay longer than 1 week, I will provide free weekly cleaning service.

I think you’ve answered your own question. If that is what your cleaning fee is for that’s what you tell your guests who are enquiring about it.

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Should be called Changeover Fee – the cost in time and effort to make the place pretty and clean again for the next guests.

There is no Daily Cleaning or Linen Change.


Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about it. Just don’t do anything other than the things you normally would. If they don’t understand because of a language problem then use Google translate or a translation app to explain that the fee is a preparation fee and not to clean up during their stay. And explain ‘Airbnb is not like a hotel. No housekeeping’.

What are the worst case scenarios here? The first is that they can leave you a bad review but no potential traveller would pay any attention if a review said that you did not clean for them every day. It would also probably not be in English anyway. Second, they might feel that because they have paid a ‘cleaning fee’ that they can leave your place in a mess. Forstall this by sending them a pleasant message on the evening before their departure on the Airbnb message system saying something like thank you for your stay, blah blah, I hope you have a pleasant journey home etc. etc., and please let me know if there’s anything you need when you’re cleaning the place prior to departure.

Sometimes if I suspect that guests might not clean. I ask them specifics such as whether they need extra trash bags or if they’d like to borrow my vacuum. Yes, it can be overkill but they get the message. :slight_smile:

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