For those of you with a separate coffee station, how close is it to the kitchen?

My place has a small kitchen, it is 11x12, not tiny but definitely smaller than I’d like. I’m about to start a remodel but it will not get any bigger, just more efficient cabinets and better appliances. Not a ton of counter space, so I’m adding some cabinets in the breakfast area to store less used small appliances and such. I’ve always planned on adding a dry bar to the adjoining great room. As this is a log cabin, adding a sink is cost prohibitive. It would mean going through the ceiling in the room below and patching existing pine ceilings. So a dry bar it is. I was contemplating making it a coffee/wine bar. Something that will be useful morning and evening. There is a pass through window into the kitchen just steps away so unloading mugs and glasses from the dishwasher will be aided by that I hope. The dry bar will have a fridge so can keep creamer and such in there. I was planning on putting a small trash can for empty sugar packets or stirrers. Does this seem ok? Any pitfalls I should be looking out for, or planning for? I’ve added a pic of the room drawing, the window to the kitchen is on the right.

It looks great to me!

Looks fine, but if it were me (given it’s different looking at a drawing rather than actually being in the space, so perhaps this isn’t practical), I would do a bit of rearrangement. I’d put the coffee station/dry bar over where the cabinet just outside the kitchen is, and move the dining table over to the area next to the stairs, shifting the living room area a bit towards where the dining table is now to make space for that. That way, meals and dirty dishes can easily be passed through the kitchen window to where people are eating.
But the way you show it also works.

It’s fine. It’s exactly what every hotel with no kitchenette does. Coffee maker/refrigerator/fridge is typically over by the TV and the only sink is several steps away in the bathroom.

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Hmmm, I’ll have to look into that option. The window by that cabinet in the breakfast area is super low, around 20 inches off the floor. It is 6 feet wide, so takes up most of that wall. But still, I may be able to figure that out. Nothing I like more than a design challenge! This a pic from the sale listing(not my stuff).

True, didn’t think of it that way :blush:.

Ah, it wasn’t evident that was a window in your drawing- I thought it was a picture on the wall. In that case, I’d go with your original idea.

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