For anyone who remembers the case of the American guest racially abused by a host in a ski resort

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thanks for the update


She could ve avoided this drama if she let her white friends book the place instead of her. Thats how ALL of my black guests who travel with white friends booked so far. One time a group of four arrived and only one was white. Of course it was the white guest who booked. This is not just Life Pro Tip, this is the world we live in.


What a ridiculous remark @torohost

Why should I or anyone else have to hide who we are to make a booking at an Airbnb or anywhere else.

Certainly not the world I live in.


Ummmm… what?! Comments like this do nothing but breed more racism.


torohost, I hope that you see how awful your comment is.

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It’s awful that people have to do that to book an Airnb, I am giving Torhost the benefit that this is what was meant.

Er, nobody “has” to. That was advice that is sadly outdated and nobody should have to use. Airbnb fights this kind of racism. Please do not ‘normalize’ it.


Slightly ok a lot weirded out by your post. No life pro tip there brah just a scary acceptance of racism.


Hi @Louise

So @torohost has had some parties of guests where it just so happens that the white member of the party books his listing and decides this is deliberate behaviour of all parties of guests with black people forming part of the party.

‘She could have avoided this drama if she let her white friends book the place instead of her’ is clearly victim blaming

Adding ‘this is the world we live in’ is normalising the experience and saying we should put up with racist behaviour, if we want to stay at an Airbnb.

I have never had to do this or would even think this would be an issue, no-one in my family or friends from BAME backgrounds in various countries has had to do this.


Serious question: my boyfriend is Indian and I’m black so what do I do when we want to book somewhere to stay? Do we get him to book, or do I invite a white friend along to keep us company on our romantic getaway? Hmmmm…

I’m saddened this was given as advice at all… or seen as a way to hide black guests on bookings. No doubt @torohost’s guests would be mortified their actions were seen that way.

Just for the record … families can be white and black. If I’m travelling with my aunt and cousin I would be the only black person in the party and no they wouldn’t be trying to hide my presence. If my mum booked and me and my sisters stayed that would be one white person and 3 black people. Please can we stop with the analytics of what booking parties might be up to… in this day and age I find that totally ridiculous.


Meh, as a non-white person I dont know what to say to everyone. I just keep things real while trying my best to ‘avoid’ discrimination rather than ‘fighting’ them. If the fight is worthy yes I will fight but making wise decision before anything can save a lot of trouble. Airbnb already addressed discrimination issue which affects black, asian, arab, lgbtq folks. It isn’t such a terrible idea to let a white friend book. People do it, Ive met them, if you dont need to do it then good for you. Just saying.

Edit: To clarify, ‘let a white friend traveling with you arrange booking’ to avoid possible drama is my point.
Using a white friend to book and show up without them deserves cancellation without refund.


I can’t agree with you @torohost.

I don’t see why anyone should avoid making a booking because of the colour of their skin. I find it sad that that you should advocate in favour of it.

I salute all the people who stood up and continue to stand up against racial and religious discrimination.

Whether it was those who fought apartheid;

Those who broke colour bars in the US

Or those in the UK

Fighting discrimination and standing up for equality is always worthy.


You are awesome. Thank you.

That’s sounds fine, but the reality is that there is racial discrimination and no amount of complaints to corporations will make it go away soon. If people who are subject to discrimination use this tool, I think it’s ok. Why should they have to play fair when hosts don’t?
I can barely see pics on profiles, I have instant book, and look at reviews if they exist and what people write, I’ve only declined one person who was having a fit because she didn’t read listing, and wanted more than I offer and felt entitled to it. btw she was white as am I.the family that have booked that weekend may be Asian if you go by names,

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Absolutely mortified at @torohost because their comment sounded so ridiculous I thought they were being sarcastic.
No one should be have a white friend book for them to avoid racism. I’m surprised more people haven’t called them out for this comment.


I’m not sure if torhost is saying this is bad because they don’t want people of colour. It can be read both ways and I tend to err in the side of hoping that the host is not racist.

A high government official in Florida was pulled over by cops for what appears to be “driving while black” discrimination exists .

Yeah, non-white people can be clueless too.

I can’t speak for all but I just saw the comment. That said, this kind of BS has become so commonplace in Trumpland that it’s hard to keep up with it all.

So count me as one of those appalled by torohost’s solution to blatant racism on the part of airbnb hosts.


I didn’t say there wasn’t racial discrimination @Louise. I have experienced plenty of it in my life as have relatives and friends.

I said we shouldn’t accept it.

@torohost stated that people in mixed race groups were having a white person make the booking to avoid discrimination, because he had mixed race groups do this (why would they do this with him when he says he’s from a BAME background one wonders). He has no evidence for saying the white member booked to avoid discrimination.

Like @Zandra pointed out many people come from a multicultural family or have multicultural friends so it’s like to be purely co-incidence that this happens. And what do you and Chris advocate for families and friends where no member of the group is white?

We have no evidence that people use what you call a ‘tool’ only @torohost saying that this happens.

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