For all hosts considering complaining here about airbnb

…Please make sure you have read this, and understand that while you might have an ‘opinion’ about a requirement from airbnb, you do NOT have an exception to following the rules because you ‘think’ something ‘should be based on your own logic or experience’.


I agree… Hosts should also know that there are some things you are not required to do

  • provide refunds if the guest chose non-refundable policy
  • respond to rude inquiries (I meet the requirement by saying Hello, how are you?)

TOS does not prevent you from

  • increase rates after an inquiry
  • blocking guests who could be problematic for you
  • you can bury details in the house rules and security sections to CYA from the nasty guests, but to avoid scarying away the good ones
  • you can wait till last minute to leave a honest truthful review about bad guests so that you don’t prompt the guest to write one in return

Sadly it’s the world today. Don’t change yourself, complain. Don’t pay attention to terms of service, complain.

Erronepusly expect an advertising company to run your business then complain online when they don’t. Don’t use another service - why should you when the service you use should bend to your personal requirements and ‘your truth’?

After all you’re the most special person in the world.

Hell I feel old. :wink: