Florida Vacation Rental

The current 5 degree F weather has got me thinking about possibility getting a vacation rental in Florida for next winter. For those familiar with the various markets where would you buy?

Looking for:

  1. established STR market with management companies and demand for bookings.
  2. Nice beaches.
  3. Shops and restaurants, would be nice if walk-able, but not deal breaker.
  4. Not too touristy, (no myrtle beach feel).
  5. hopefully not the high end of the market as for purchase pricing.

Any thoughts?

I rent out a room in my home on the West Coast of Florida, outside of Tampa. This year has been busy and a friend who rents an entire home or single rooms at a time is slammed this year and he’s a town away without a pool or water view. Like me, driving distance to the beaches, reasonably priced homes, suburban home feel. The biggest question is - what’s your budget? House or condo? I believe that Little Harbor in Ruskin has reasonably priced condos and the resort will manage your rental. DM me for more info on the Tampa area. There are condos in the $200k - $300k range north of Tampa as well.