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Florida suggestions/advice please for family holiday 2023

Good morning, we are starting to plan a family holiday, with 2 grandparents (the Boss and I), our two daughters with their husbands and 2 (so far …) grandchildren.

We are looking at May 2023 for two weeks, (though we may stay on and travel around a bit longer) or August for up to a month. Orlando area would be our preferred destination, though so long as the parks aren’t too far away, we would consider even potentially a week somewhere else, perhaps by the coast?

Any advice or suggestions are more than welcome, thanks for reading.

Also any information on property swapping would be considered. We have a five bed house (sleeps 8), 10 mins from the beach and an hour by train into central London AND a luxury mobile home on the Vendée in France (12 hour drive from our home via the channel tunnel) that we would consider swapping …

Best wishes

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What did your search on the platforms bring up?

Have you joined house swap groups on FB and house swap websites @Adria

That would be your best starting point .

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If you’re going to Orlando, it’s probably also worth driving an hour to Tampa, St.Pete, and Clearwater. Tampa has some nice museums and a beautiful aquarium. Clearwater has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Literally white sand. St.Pete and is just fun for a family to walk through, especially the historic district which has a bunch of tasteful street art. If you’re still not done with the coastal towns (and it sure is addicting) then you can make your way down from St.Pete to the Sarasota/Siesta Key area. It’s lovely there too and there is a good blend of retirees, young families, and wonderful restaurants.

I actually did a home swap in Florida before through the48dots and it was great. What I liked about them, as opposed to a few other sites that I looked at, is that I could list my place without paying monthly membership fees.

Hope this helps!!

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properties in the $3k range for the four weeks - but then heating the pool is around $20+ per day

Clearwater sounds perfect, thanks, just the sort of info i was hoping for - i will also take a look at the home swap info - although to be honest one of my daughters is so much better at these things than i am - so i will pass on all the info to her, best wishes and much appreciated!

Have you looked at Lonely Plant or the Florida Tourist Board website - both have lots of tourist information around what’s available, tourist attractions, different areas to stay etc @Adria

This is a host forum so our discussions tend to focus more around Airbnb host related issues.

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Why would you heat a pool in May in Florida? Do you want a bath or a pool ? :wink:

I realize you may not have thought about it.


There’s certainly no need to have a heated pool here in South Florida, at almost any time of the year. And even I, the coldest person on the planet, will venture into the ocean in May. :sunglasses:

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Thanks, it was the kids who asked for a heated pool, so I take on board your comments re the total lack of a need for the pool to be heated !!


In May and with kids, I’d be inclined to rent a pool with a screened pool if a pool is what you need. By May the new strain of mosquitos could be well established and kids with vulnerable skin are just what they are looking for for their dinner.

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Heat? Screens? When I was a kid, you know we had to walk up hill both ways just to go to the pool… :wink: And my parents sent me out first to distract the mosquitos from them.


??? Since when is it some major issue if a kid gets some mosquito bites?

it isn’t. But, speaking from experience, kids can get whiney and grumpy.

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Kids can get whiney and grumpy over anything :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

They mostly get whiney and grumpy when they don’t get enough sleep, are allowed to be on their screens for hours a day, or are fed garbage “food” instead of nutritious stuff.

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Florida has a lot of mosquito borne diseases. Malaria, yellow fever, Nile virus, and the latest is Dengue Fever. Mosquito and tick bites are both dangerous.

Yes, there’s dengue where I live, too. The mosquitoes that carry dengue and zika bite during the day. Nightime mosquitoes are a different type and don’t carry those diseases. The other thing about that is that mosquitoes don’t travel far from where they were hatched and they will only be dengue carriers if they have the opportunity to bite a person who has dengue and then transfer it to you.

So a crowded beach is a much more likely place to be infected with dengue than getting bitten while staying at a remote location. Mosquitoes are simply vectors, dengue and such isn’t something inherent to them.

I’ve had dengue. Certainly not a pleasant experience.

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