First Wimdu booking

We just got our first booking on Wimdu. Now I need to learn a new platform. Funny though the guests are local in Australia but Wimdu is not and the fees are higher than airbnb for them to book.

I like wimdu, they send you the entire booking amount. The guest pays everything,

Please come back and update this thread after the trip is over! I’m curious how guest expectations vary across platforms.

I like Wimdu, I just get Germans from Wimdu, every single one of them were great. They leave their dishes after breakfast in the sink, some even wash them. They strip the beds and tie up all rubbish and leave both their bathroom and bedroom clean.
The only issue is the site itself, someone requests a stay and you chat and accept their booking, you don’t get notification that a guest has paid and confirmation of the booking. It could be just something my end with their website, I am set up for mobile alerts but never get them. I did have a lady turn up for a week and did not know she was coming, I don’t know which one of us was more shocked. I have a spare mezzanine attic so could accommodate her no problem, thankfully it was clean and prepared.

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Also, you have to collect your own deposit on Wimdu bookings. I have always had wonderful , single, solo travelers.

In Ireland here Kona, wimdu take the full payment and transfer to your bank, in the same way as Airbnb.

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did anyone figure out how to get booking confirmation email from wimdu? just recently i discovered by chance i received a booking for november. this could have turned a disaster if i hadn’t checked the site.


I just received an email. I thought thus is how it worked

So my Wimdu guest needed to change the dates. To do so I had to email Wimdu, who then emailed the guests, who then had to cancel her original booking and put a new booking in. Crazy as Airbnb and stayz make it so much easier.

Not sure if I will stay with Wimdu. What has been your experience of using it?

My experiences with Wimdu were totally fine, there is on average less communication prior to booking than with Airbnb host, but I experienced no problems. I was annoyed by the fact that although they do pay you the amount per night that you enter in your listing (they do not deduce any fees like Airbnb), they raise your night price by cca 10% in the calendar + they add their booking fee. I didn’t realize that until some of the potential guests asked for the price and than told me that the price they are seeing in my calendar is higher. This makes it quite expensive for guests to book, final fee is quite hefty, soI think this is the reason why I didn’t have any bookings via them for 2 years now. It’s a pity, it would be nice not to depend solely on Airbnb.

Try Trip Advisor. They’ve improved a lot since they were FlopKey.

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Do they have instant booking by default as or just inquiries?