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First weekend hosting over. Phew

So all guests have gone. Here’s my thoughts on hosting.
Very social thing to do. I’m an outgoing girl who could chat for Ireland so I really enjoyed that aspect. Although it wasn’t as if I was chatting for hours just a few mins here and there.
Four young people who had the two best rooms didn’t even get up till 11.30. I’d dropped the four of them to the closest train station to head to Beyoncé. They were having a few beers in garden before that but put all bottles back in their car and cleaned up after themselves. They were the group that brought their sausages and rashers for a bit fry up. It was 1pm today by time they arrived downstairs and thankfully at that stage is a good enough excuse due to time and people calling in the afternoon so if they didn’t mind not starting to cook a breakfast at 1pm. My own fault for listing the kitchen instead of specifying I’d leave a continental breakfast out. They made themselves to sandwiches. i had to tell them politely at 2pm that I was going out and if they wanted to leave at the same time as me. Lovely kids don’t get me wrong but how would you not think that mid day was a usual time to leave. I have flexible down which I’ll change to checkout at 12pm.

Other couple who were with me since Friday were totally cool people. I even gave them a gin before they headed out to a party they were over for. He was originally from Dublin so enjoyed giving him the lowdown on what changes have happened here since he moved to London ten years ago. Hope they come back. She also gave me a lovely review.

Fourth and last couple arrived at 5ish sat evening and I told them I’d drop them to train station as they were off to see Beyoncé play in town. Lovely couple. Were up and gone home this morning without even helping themselves to coffee. Left a nice note on the kitchen table for me. It was their first time using Airbnb and hope they use it again.

Altogether it was a great experience. I’ll be exhausted tho as couldn’t sleep properly wondering if they’d locked back door etc.
A few things to iron out and change a few things on settings. I literally only set up Airbnb on Monday to see if I’d get one room rented. Can’t believe I did the four rooms. If only I didn’t have to pay so much income tax on earnings (Ireland crazy charges) otherwise I’d give up work at this stage. Got €100 per room per night. €500 not bad for first time.
Sorry. Long post. As I said I can talk. :smile::grinning:. Yvonne


Jack up your rates by 25% and see if the bookings still roll in. Thanks for sharing!


Also forgot to mention that I got a request from a lady in California for the two weeks over Christmas. They want the whole house tho so I’ll move into parents next door. I presume prices can go up for Christmas.


Where are you located? Ireland?

Yes. Castleknock in Dublin.


Hey am in Dublin as well. A newbie here as well, a month ahead of you. House full of International students til next Saturday then back to airbnb, no more dinners, making lunches, washing clothes or dealing with 14 year olds who have fallen in love and got rejected. Give me my airbnb guests back


In U.S. Christmas is considered to be an opportunity to raise rates…at least in my area. It’s usually people from Florida wanting to take their family to North Carolina in the hopes of seeing snow. Or at least pretending there is snow outside, and they can stay in a log cabin :slight_smile:

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Sounds like my worst nightmare. But would be interested in it next year if I can get reduced days in work. I’m sure the tax man doesn’t charge as much for students :confounded:

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